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How to Pre-Load Content to Virtual Events and Webinars

You can pre-load videos, audio files, slide decks, offers and downloadable handouts to webinars and virtual events to show mid-presentation.


New as of 02/21/2023: Include a trackable call-to-action pop-up offer in your webinars and virtual events that does not redirect attendees. Use this to promote exclusive content, upcoming webinars or for targeted follow-ups. 


Before going live, speakers can add videos, audio files, slide decks, offers and downloadable handouts to their webinars, so that they can easily trigger these features mid-presentation. Learn more about pre-loading content below. 


Table of Contents: 


1. The Pre-Load Section 

2. Pre-Load Pop-Up Offers

3. Pre-Load Files, Audio and Videos  

4. Pre-Load Handouts

5. Pre-Load Polls 

6. Pre-Load Co-Browsing Website



The Pre-Load Section 


To add content to your webinar, start by navigating to your chosen webinar or virtual event and selecting the Manage Webinar or Manage Series tab. 

Scroll down, then find the Pre-Load menu on the left-hand side of the page. Use these menu options to upload offers, files and videos, handouts and polls to your presentation. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 4.19.25 PM

Note: You can only pre-upload content before your live webinar opens. If the webinar is open or the event is over, you cannot use this feature.

Pre-Load Pop-Up Offers 

Pop-Up Offers are offers that can either pop-up or slide out during your event to showcase special offers relevant to your company or the event. Below is an example of a completed pop-up offer. 


To create a pop-up offer, select Pre-Load Pop-up Offers from the menu above, then click Add Offers.


This leads to an editor in which you can enter the teaser, headline, normal price, discounted price, CTA button text and links, as well as assign colors and upload an offer image that will appear in the pop-up offer. You can create a horizontal, mini-horizontal, vertical, or custom embed/html pop-up offer. These offers appear as full-screen pop ups or slide outs to attendees. Presenters can distribute them at any point during the session. 




Note: For Embed/HTML pop-up offer types, you will need to add the embed code, the pop-up size (width and height px) and a pop-up image


Set where your attendees will be redirected to with the Button Type, choosing either a custom link, post webinar survey or a CTA.



  • Custom Link: This redirects attendees to a specific URL once the offer is clicked. This is great for redirecting them to a different webinar landing page or your own company’s website. 
  • Post Webinar Survey: This redirects attendees to your BigMarker survey Learn more about our post-webinar surveys here
  • No Link CTA Only: This is a call to action offer that let’s attendees click without being redirected. Use this to promote an upcoming webinar, offer or for targeted follow-ups. All offer clicks are tracked and available in your webinar’s Analytics & Reporting downloadable report

You can enable post-webinar reminder emails for the attendees who clicked on the offer to receive further information. On the Post Webinar Follow Up email, select attendees who clicked on an offer from the dropdown menu. Choose which offers qualify for the email in the box below. Learn more about our emails and invitations here


For any offers, you have 3 selections to save the offer as: 

1) Save this offer to all webinars hosted by this channel: save this offer for all events on your channel 

2) Auto append BMID to button link for tracking: use your own custom code to track and identify users clicking on your offers by their BigMarker ID. 

3) Auto share offer when webinar open: Automatically share the offer when the webinar starts. 


Note: Custom Embed/HTML pop-up offer types cannot use the Auto append BMID to button link for tracking option. 




Pre-Load Files, Audio and Videos  


Files, Videos and Audio can be anything from PDFs, PowerPoints, Word Documents, Excel spreadsheets (in PDF file format) to MP3 videos and Youtube Videos.  You will be able to share these files, audio or videos during your presentation. 

To pre-upload a file, video or audio, select Pre-Load Files and Videos tab. To add content after the start time, you can upload content directly to the presentation while you are in the webinar room. 

To pre-load a new slide deck, select +Upload New File, then upload your presentation (we strongly recommend PDF, as this ensures maximum compatibility across browsers). For slide decks, you are able to upload up to 500mb per file size. 

To pre-load a new video, select Add Video +, then upload a .mp4 video or paste links to an already published .mp4 file or Youtube video using the dropdown seen below.

To pre-load a new audio file, select + Add Audio, then upload a .wav file in the pop-up that appears. Note that we only support .wav audio files at this time. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 4.38.33 PM

You are able to delete any files, videos or audios uploaded if desired and rearrange the order of the content. Use the 6 dots to rearrange the content order and click Delete to delete. 


Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 5.11.32 PM


Pre-Load Handouts

Handouts are downloadable documents used to enhance audience comprehension or summarize the presentation. Hosts can distribute handouts at any time during the presentation.

New as of June 2023: Now, you don't have to upload your files in two different places. When a handout file is uploaded to the pre-load section & shared in the live room, it will automatically be available in the handouts section of the recording player.  Handouts that are added from the pre-load section will default to OFF, and “Beginning” will be 00h00m00s. You can toggle the handout to ON and customize the times.


To add a handout, select the Pre-Load Handouts tab, then click Add Handouts.

Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 5.14.40 PM

In the pop-up that appears, upload your handouts. Handouts can shared with attendees as files (the attendee downloads a PDF) or as links (the attendee clicks a link to access the handout).

Choose your preferred sharing format by selecting Share a File or Share a Link.  Both will prompt you to enter the handout's name and upload an icon. For Files, you will need to upload a file and a Link will require a link to be inserted.

If you want your handout link to open in a new window, check Open link in iframe popup. If this is left unchecked, attendees may inadvertently leave the live webinar room when they click the handout link. 

Click Upload when finished. 


Note: Links must begin with http:// or https:// 


 Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 9.11.18 AM    Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 9.11.35 AM


Opt to have a preview of your handout available in the webinar room or not, by checking on/off Can preview in webinar room. This setting is defaulted on, but can be toggled off for certain handouts only to be downloadable. 

You can set your handouts to be downloadable and viewable on the webinar landing page, or auto-share with attendees when the webinar begins. When auto-sharing handouts with attendees, you are able to view who shared handouts during the event that were not auto-shared. 

After uploading, you can edit the handout or delete it if desired by clicking the X. You can also adjust whether you would like the handout to be downloadable on the landing page or auto-shared. The handout will show who added the handout, the handout's id (for tracking) and time and date it was uploaded. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 5.16.28 PM


After the webinar ends, you can view who shared the handouts in the Handouts section. Additionally, after the webinar ended, you can still change your handouts by adding new ones or deleting ones within the session. The functionality above stays consistent before and after your event, so you can add, change and delete handouts if needed. This is great for On-Demand webinars, as you can curate your content to match during and after your event.


Pre-Load Polls 


Hosts can poll their audiences at any time during the session to learn more about their viewers' marketing needs or check their understanding. Polls appear as full-screen pop-ups to attendees, who must answer the question before exiting the pop-up. 


To pre-load a poll, select the Pre-Load Polls tab then click + Create Poll.

Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 5.31.40 PM

In the pop-up that follows, you will be able to select the type of poll and enter in the question. You can select from a multiple choice, NPS score, or short answer question type. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 5.32.42 PM. Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 5.33.24 PM

For all poll questions, you are able to select the following settings: 

  • Show a different question - You are able to show a question to your attendees and enter in a different question that will only be viewable on CRM integrations and analytics reports. 
  • Allow registrants to answer the poll on the webinar landing page conversation section - registrants will be able to see and answer the poll on the webinar landing page conversation section 
  • Present this poll to presenter and admins - the poll will also be available to presenters and admins 
  • Allow attendees to skip this poll - attendees will be able to skip the poll and answer later
  • Display poll as slide out - display the poll as a slide out towards the bottom of the screen 
  • Add this poll in the recording player - add the poll into your recording player for On-Demand or recorded webinars 
  • Open poll automatically - the poll will automatically open at the start of the event
  • Apply data mapping - you can apply data mapping to the poll. Learn more here

Note: For multiple choice questions, you can add more multiple choice answers and can choose if you would like your audience to be able to select only one or multiple choices. 

For extended webinars, you can choose when the poll closes by selecting the time and date for it to close on. When finished, click Create Poll

You can edit or delete any polls, as well as arrange the order of the polls by clicking the 6 dots in the right hand corner. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 5.33.38 PM

Pre-Load Co-Browsing Website


Co-browsing allows you to plug in a link to a website and interact with that website live during your event. This allows attendees to view videos or other sites in a collaborative way. Co-browsing can be available with audio, so attendees can listen to snippets or whole durations of audio.

You can even co-browse Zoom with audio, using the browser version of Zoom within our platform. 

To pre-load a co-browse website, select the Pre-Load Co-Browsing Website tab then click + Add Website.

Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 6.16.49 PM

In the pop-up window that appears, enter in the website's title and URL in the following boxes. Check off Append Webinar ID to Co-Browse Website to add the webinar ID to the co-browse website's URL. Click Submit when finished. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 6.09.11 PM