Can my PowerPoint animation start automatically?

Simplify your presentation slide deck by allowing the animation to play automatically after only a few clicks

Note: Currently, this feature is reserved only for Enterprise and Event Packages plan holders. If interested, please contact our Events Experts at 

Our platform can automatically detect when PowerPoints have animation. After clicking to move forward from slide to slide, and once more to enable, your animation will play automatically. This new feature is great at simplifying the user experience, allowing a seamless transition of animation from slide to slide with just one click! Learn more about this feature below.


How to Enable Automatic PowerPoint Animation

Note: Only BigMarker Admins can enable Powerpoint animation. Please reach out to your BigMarker Representative to do so.

  1. On your Channel, go to the Channel Settings.
  2. On the Channel Settings page, scroll down and select Enable PowerPoint Animation and Enable Co-Browsing.
  3. Click Save

Once in the webinar room, you will need to manually open the Powerpoint. Click the Share files or open whiteboards icon, then select your Powerpoint of choice. Click the 3 dots [...] and then click open with animation

The Powerpoint will load, then display to attendees. Once the presentation has loaded, click on the slides to advance, and then click once more for the animation to play. 

Note: Make sure to click on the slides rather than the arrows below to advance from slide to slide.

View this in live action below: