Downloading Your Reports

View comprehensive analytics of your webinar statistics after the webinar is complete

Webinar reports will be available for download after the webinar is complete. To download the reports you must first log in to your BigMarker account and select the webinar that you would like to view the stats for, then in the webinar's dashboard under the Manage Webinar section select the Analytics and Reporting tab. There you'll select the Download Reports button on the right side. When you click, you'll see your options are to download a Webinar Report, a Handouts Report and a Coupon Report, all in XLS format. 

Webinar Report XLS provides details such as an overall summary, registration stats, attendance stats, reviews, registered list, did not attend list, attend list, viewed recording list, chat transcript, Q&A transcript, poll results, CTA pop-up activity, and detailed enter and exit times. Below is a example of Webinar Report XLS:



As of October 2023, you can now download detailed Handout Reports. Previously, the reporting on handouts in a webinar was limited to number of downloads and the Handout name, data which appeared on the webinar report. By selecting the Handout Report option, the report is exclusively data on the handouts which you have available in your webinar, as the image below shows. 

Each tab on the Excel sheet is dedicated to each individual Handout you have available to your audience. The data will show much more detailed and granular information like: the first name, last name and email address of the downloader, when they previewed or downloaded the handout, the handout name and the webinar ID the handout is associated with.