Create Polls and view their real time results in your Live Event

Be able to preload polls, add Polls during your live event, or add them to your automated event. With your polls, you can view results in real-time or download analytics to see your audience responses.

BigMarker hosts and admins holding polls in the webinar room can now receive the results of their polls in real time, This way, you can review the answers with your attendees right away during the session without needing to download the post webinar analytics. Your poll results can be quickly accessed after the webinar concludes on the Manage Webinar page’s Polls on the left hand menu. 



Table of Contents:

1) How to Pre-Load Your Polls Before the Webinar Begins

2) How to Create the Poll during the Webinar

3) Adding Your Poll to the Automation Timeline

4) Managing Your Polls in the Webinar Room

5) Real Time Results: Where to Find Them



How to Pre-Load Your Polls Before the Webinar Begins

Note: Only presenters added to the webinar with manage webinar page permissions enabled will be able to pre-load the webinar content as well as Hosts and Admins


1. Log into your webinar and select the Manage Webinar tab. Staying in this tab, select Pre-Load Polls, located on the left-hand menu of this page.



2. In the Pre-Load Polls section, select Create a Poll.


3. In the pop-up that appears, create your poll. You can make it a multiple choice, NPS or short answer poll question. Follow the prompts below to enter in your question, response options and select if your audience can select one or answer multiple answers. 

Screen Shot 2022-10-26 at 11.23.38 AM

In addition, you have a few options to add to your poll. Check off any of the below to add to your poll:

  • Allow registrants to answer  the poll on the webinar landing page conversation section - have the poll available on your webinar landing page so attendees and registrants can answer before your event
  • Present this poll to presenters and admins - polls will display to all of your attendees, presenters and admins. 

Note: We recommend unchecking this to avoid disrupting the flow of the presentation. However, if you wish to collect poll responses from presenters and admins as well, enable this option. 

  • Allow attendees to skip this poll - give your attendees the ability to skip the poll, where they do not have to answer or can answer at a different time 
  • Display poll as slide out - have the poll appear as a slide out on the bottom left hand corner rather than in the middle of the screen 
  • Add this poll in the recording player - add this poll to your on-demand recordings for viewers to answer when they watch your video
  • Open poll automatically - have the poll open immediately when the event starts
  • Apply data mapping - add data mapping to your poll. 
  • Attendees can see a breakdown of poll results - allow attendees to view percentages and total amount of votes for each response. 

4. Under Close Poll On,  set an end date for this poll to close at the bottom of your Create a Poll Window. 

Note: If you are creating the poll in advance, confirm that the Poll is scheduled for after the date of your webinar not the day after you created the poll (which is the default setting). We also recommend that evergreen/recurring webinar types set their end date accordingly. 

5. Click Create Poll to complete.


How to Create the Poll During the Webinar

Note: On Stage presenters, Admins and Hosts, and Presenters with Manage Webinar permissions  can create polls inside of the live webinar room. 


1. In the Chat/Q&A panel, the black box on the far right side of the webinar room, select the Polls tab. As a default, you will be brought to the Open section of the Polls tab. 

.Screen Shot 2022-10-26 at 12.08.39 PM

2. At the bottom, select New Poll 

3. In the pop-up that appears, create your poll. You will have the same options as above to create your poll. While in the live webinar room, you can opt to start the poll immediately or create a poll and add it to the queue to start it later on during the presentation. 


Screen Shot 2022-10-26 at 12.10.06 PM


Adding Your Poll to the Automation Timeline

Note: Only presenters added to the webinar with manage webinar page permissions enabled will be able to access the Automations tab as well as Hosts and Admins


1. On the Automations tab of the Manage Webinar dashboard click +New Auto Event and select Post a Poll


2. In the slide out window, create your poll. Set the time that you would like to post the poll during your automated event. 

Screen Shot 2022-10-26 at 12.32.34 PM


You can also select a preloaded poll question to include in your automated webinars. Use the dropdown menu to select which preloaded poll you'd like to use. From there, enter in the timeline of when you'd like the poll to post and the title of the poll. 



3. Save your poll, it is ready to go!


Managing Your Polls Inside The Webinar Room 

Once you have begun your webinar, you will be able to navigate between the different polls through the three different viewing options you have: Queue, Open, Closed.

Queue Tab

These polls are written and ready for launch inside the webinar room. With polls in your queue, you can start polling, edit a poll or delete a poll. 

Note: Attendees will not be able to see polls in the Queue, only Admins and Presenters will be able to see the queue. 



Open Tab

These are polls that attendees can interact. They can be polls that were automatically started after creation or polls that were pushed from the queue. Attendees will be able to see the results of these polls in real-time (if enabled). 




Attendee View:

Closed Tab

These are polls that are unable to be actively voted on and have been completed. 



Attendee view:


Real Time Results: Where to Find Them

Once the webinar has concluded, you can find the results of the polls within the Polls section of the Manage Webinar dashboard. 


You can either download the transcript from the webinar on the Polls tab. or proceed to the Analytics & Reporting section on the left hand side of the Manage Webinar dashboard.