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How to Create a Poll

Polls are excellent ways to gauge your audience's understanding and enhance comprehension of the session material. They appear as full-screen for your attendees in the webinar room.

New as of 09/13/2022: Enable on/off the ability for attendees and presenters to see poll results during your event.


Poll questions are optional by default, but hosts can manually require attendees to submit an answer. 

You can either pre-load polls in the Manage Webinar tab of the webinar dashboard or create them inside the live webinar room. Learn how to create and distribute polls to your attendees below. 



How to Pre-load Polls 


1. Log into your webinar and select the Manage Webinar tab. 

2. Staying in this tab, scroll down and select Pre-Load Polls, located in the left-hand menu.  

3. Select the blue Create Poll button. 


4. Skip to How to Create a Poll for further instructions on formatting and sending your poll to attendees.   


How to Add Polls While inside the Webinar Room


1. Click the Poll tab next to the Q&A panel section. 


2. Click the New Poll button 


How to Create a Poll


1. Whether you pre-load your poll or create it within the webinar room, the steps for structuring and distributing your poll to attendees are the same. Once you've selected New Poll, a pop-up will appear.

Begin by selecting your question format. Choose between Multiple Choice, NPS Score and Short Answer.

Note: When creating a poll, Present this poll to presenters and admins. and Allow attendees to skip this poll are automatically enabled on.


2. If you choose Multiple Choice or Short Answer, type your question in the provided text box. If you choose NPS Score, select the rating.  


3. You can enter in a question for your attendees to answer, and enter in a separate question only used for reporting and CRM integrations. Select Show a different question (Use original question above for reporting and CRM integration), and the question entered in the top box will show in reports/integrations while the bottom question will display for attendees to answer. Attendee's answers will be associated with both questions. 


4. You can manage if attendees can select one answer for polls, or if they can select multiple answers. Use the drop down menu to select how many answers an attendee can select per poll.


5. Customize your poll with options to: 

  • Allow registrants to answer the poll on webinar landing page conversations: Registrants can answer the poll on the webinar landing page 
  • Present this poll to presenters and admins: Presenters and Admins can see and answer the poll 
  • Allow attendees to skip this poll: Give attendees the option to skip polls 
  • Display poll as slide out: The Poll will appear as a slide out in the bottom of the screen rather than popping up in the middle of the screen 
  • Add this poll in the recording player: Include this poll in On-Demand recordings for viewers to answer 
  • Open poll automatically: Have the poll be opened as soon as the webinar starts. 
  • Attendees can see a breakdown of poll results: allow attendees and presenters to see the results of the poll. This is automatically enabled ON. 


Below are screenshots of the Multiple Choice, NPS Score and Short Answer options: 

6. In the webinar room, your pre-loaded polls will appear under the Queue tab. Click Start Polling



7. Once you select Start Polling, your poll question will appear in the Open tab where you will be able to view the results of the poll. Polls will appear as full-screen pop-ups to attendees.


8. If you selected Add To Queue, then your poll question will appear in the Queued tab where you will be able to publish your poll by selecting Start Polling.



9. You can maximize your Polls so they are full screen for your attendees when they are open for polling (learn more here.) Additionally, you can change the colors of your maximized polls.



10. Once an attendee answers the poll question, the poll response will appear in the Poll section (for everyone). 

Attendee view after the poll has been created and once they have selected their answer.



11.  Click Close Poll to end the poll for your attendees; to view all closed polls click on the Closed tab. You can reopen the poll by clicking Reopen.

12. If necessary, you can also delete the poll by clicking Delete