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Create Custom Reports to Track Specific Analytics

Segment your analytics and data points with Custom Reports, so you can track individual metrics and hone in on what matters most in gauging the success of your event. 

New as of 03/21/2023: Send your custom reports to a specific server (SFTP or S3) that allows you to easily import a script file to your preferred data warehouse destination. 

Note: Custom Reports are for Enterprise plan holders. For more information, please contact our Events Experts and sales@bigmarker.com 

Create your own custom reports to track the analytics you’d wish to track and leave out all the rest. Custom Reports are available on your webinar’s dashboard, and are unique since they are created by you, and will contain only the data points you’d like to see in the report. These reports can be refreshed to get a real-time look into how your webinar and attendee engagement is progressing. Overall, it’s  great for segmenting your analytics and data points, so you can track individual metrics and hone in on what matters most in gauging the success of your event. 

How Custom Reports Works

On your webinar’s dashboard, create a report, give it its own name, select the data values that you would like included, and select any additional attributes to your report. For example, you can choose to only view your webinar’s registrants and on-demand viewers, while showing their email address, first and last name, custom registration field answers, survey answers, registration time and source attributes into your report. 

How to Create Custom Reports 

On your webinar’s dashboard, go to the Custom Reports section in the left hand menu. 

1. Click Create Report 

2. Give the report a name 

3. Select the data values you would like to collect 

4. Select the attributes you would like to collect 

5. Click Save Report 

Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 9.53.59 AM

After saving, all your reports will be listed for you to manage. You can download the latest version of the report, edit the report name and parameters, export the report and delete the report.

Custom reports can be scheduled to send to a specific S3 bucket or SFTP server, allowing you to automate the collection of analytics for your webinars and series. Click Share/Export Report to configure the settings for the destination of your report, as well as the cadence for how often the report is shared. It can be sent daily, weekly, or monthly and can be sent indefinitely or until a specific date. For either destination, the custom report will be sent as a .xlsx file

Screenshot 2023-03-21 at 2.25.56 PM


  • For a SFTP Server: enter its address, port, username, password, and path. 
  • For a S3 Server: enter it's access key ID, secret access key, bucket and object directory path


Screenshot 2023-03-21 at 2.39.38 PM


Share Any Custom Event or Webinar Report Externally

It is now possible to share any custom event or webinar report with external individuals regardless of their BigMarker admin status. In addition, we’ve made it easier than ever to create a truly custom report by adding the ability to reorder columns and prioritize the data that might matter to your target audience most. 

Once you’ve created your custom report, click the Actions button on the right-hand side of the report name. Here, you’ll see your options are: 

  • Edit/Preview Report: This option allows you to edit any of the fields of the report. And, most recently, it allows you to reorder the columns in a way you see fit
  • Download: Quickly download the latest version of your report
  • Share/Export Report: Allows you to export your report to a FTP Server or Amazon S3 and, the newest feature which allows you to share your report with any external individuals regardless of their BigMarker admin access
  • Delete: Delete your report

To generate a shareable link, select Share/Export Report.

From here, you’ll see the option to generate Share Links. Simply click + Generate New Link to receive a custom, shareable link. Please note that only 5 custom links can be generated at one time.

Once you’ve generated your shareable link, the below actions are available: 

  • Copy: Automatically copy the generated link
  • Rename: Give your link a trackable name - helpful if you’re sharing more than one link with more than one individual or group of people
  • Disable: Disable the shareable link and take access away from the individual(s) you may have given this particular link
  • Remove: Remove and delete the shareable link completely, freeing up space to generate a new link

Once shared, your link recipients will open their link in a browser, and have access to a report that looks similar to the below image. Link recipients can also refresh and download the report to their own devices.