How can I set my polls to display as slide outs or pop-ups?

Display polls either as full screen pop-ups or as a slide out window, customizing the unique feel for each webinar

Polls are the most effective way to engage your audience while also collecting valuable marketing information from them.

However, the layout and appearance of your polls can impact your audience’s response rate and, as a result, the quality of data you generate from your session. 

Hosts can now display polls either as full-screen pop-ups or as a slide out window that appears on the bottom left-hand corner of the webinar room, as shown below. 

The slide out option allows attendees to complete the poll without losing sight of the presentation, which can improve response rates, collect more actionable data, and inform your future event programming. 

In this article, learn how to display your polls as slide out windows. 


How to Create Slide Out Polls

1. Log in to your webinar and select the Manage Webinar tab. 

2. Staying in this tab, scroll down an locate Polls. Select Polls, then Pre-Load Polls. From there, you’ll proceed to the poll editor. 

3. From there, you’ll proceed to the poll editor. A list of poll questions you’ve already pre-loaded to your session will appear on this page. 

4. To the display of an existing poll, find your desired poll question in the list below, then select Edit. 

5. In the editor that opens, check Display Poll as Slide Out. Click Save to complete. 

6. To create a new poll, select the blue Create Poll button. Configure your poll question. In the editor, check Display poll as slide out. Click Save to complete