How to Change Your Pre-Webinar Multimedia Control Display

Enhance your event's attendee flow and speed of entry by having guests and presenters turn their microphones and cameras on through either a simple or advanced display panel

When entering a webinar, guests and presenters can now turn their microphones and cameras on using either an advanced or a simple display panel. This impacts your event's attendee flow and speed of entry, which in turn influences the user experience. Learn more about the available options, and how to choose each one, below: 

What display options are available? 

The simple display prompts users to turn on their audio and video in the video playback shown below. Users click the microphone and camera icons, respectively, to turn their audio and video on. 

The advanced display prompts users to choose their audio source, then test their audio and video, before continuing to the webinar.

Users can turn on, then test, their audio and video by switching the respective toggles below. 


How can I change my webinar's multimedia control display?


Log into the webinar. 


Select the Edit tab. In the left-hand menu of this tab, select Advanced Settings. 


Scroll to Enter Webinar Multimedia Control Display. To select the small display, select Simple View. To select the large display, select Advanced View.  

Screen Shot 2022-10-25 at 12.32.24 PM