How do I use the whiteboard?

Learn how to bring up a whiteboard, and how to allow attendees access to draw as well.

Note: Whiteboards only work in Interactive mode


1. Enter the webinar room.

2. In the bottom interactive panel, click the "Share files or open whiteboards" button.


3. Click "Browse Files" or "Open New Whiteboard".


4. You are able to upload files of up to 20MB. You can share PDFs, PowerPoints, and Word Documents. We suggest PDFs as the room converts all files to PDFs. 

5. Your presentation, picture, or slides will then publish.

View with a file: 


View of a blank whiteboard: 

6. For files, the whiteboard will not automatically turn on. Toggle on the Drawing setting at the top right hand corner of the screen.

7. Once it is on, you can start drawing on the presentation.

8. In the whiteboard tools, you can change the brush size and color.


Watch the video below to see this in live action: 



Additionally, you can now enable attendees to draw on the whiteboard and upload their own files. In the "Edit" tab of your host dashboard, you will visit the Advanced Settings>>Room Control Permissions>>Attendees Can Share Mics & Cams>>Enable Whiteboards for Attendees. 

Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 12.34.10 PM


Watch the video below to see this in live action: