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How Can I Create Templates for On-Demand Webinars?

Create Templates for your On-Demand webinars, simplifying the process of carrying over your recording settings for your new recordings.

1. Select the Manage Webinar tab of the on-demand webinar that you would like to convert into a template for future use. 

2. Select the More button, located under the time and date of the webinar


3. In the drop down menu that opens, select Create Webinar Template.

4. Press OK on the Warning message to proceed with creating a template from the on-demand webinar’s settings. You may also press Cancel to go back and make any necessary adjustments. Once you are ready to proceed to the next step, press OK.


When hosts create a template of their current existing On-Demand webinars, the following settings from the On-Demand webinar will be copied to the template: 

  • Audience engagement settings, including polls, private chat, presenter chat, audience permissions, etc. saved onto the Edit Player section

Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 5.02.03 PM

Recommended: Always double check your template options to make sure everything is set before publication!

  • All custom registration fields
  • Design settings for the webinar and the landing page
  • Presenter information and permissions 
  • Most settings located in the Edit tab of the webinar dashboard, including: 
    • The description of the webinar (“About Webinar”
    • Webinar Size settings 
    • Ticketing information and settings 
    • Privacy settings 
    • Advanced Settings

The following settings that are NOT copied over from the original webinar to the template. Hosts will need to manually add the following information to the new template.  

  • Registrant lists 
  • Only applicable to On-Demand webinars that were previously Live/Automated webinar sessions: Live Engagement Settings/Automated Timeline events-Since the On-Demand Webinar does not bring attendees into the webinar room, these previous engagement settings will not automatically be uploaded to the Edit Player section of the Manage Webinar page where your video content lives. 

Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 5.03.46 PM

Tip! Move all pre-load content used to the Edit Video Player section before generating a template from the on-demand webinar.

  • Registration Check, which checks registrations from other webinars. 

We recommend that hosts who use webinar templates do the following: 

  • Mute all outgoing emails before creating a template. 
  • Do Not add presenters to the template, as each copy generated will automatically notify the presenter when the webinar is available for viewing. Presenters should be added to each individual session. 

How can I select a default template or customize an existing template? 

Changes to existing templates can be made in your channel's settings page. 

  1. Go to your channel’s homepage. Click the three horizontal bars seen below. In the dropdown menu that opens, select Settings.
  2. Select the Templates tab.

In the Templates tab is a list of all templates saved on your channel. Here you can edit your templates and set a default for your channel, including the following: 


  • To edit a template, select the pencil icon next to its name. 

  • To select a template as the default for your channel, check Save as Default next to its name. 
  • To delete a template, select the trash icon next to its name. 

  • To create a new template, select the blue New Webinar Template button

Press Save & Exit to save any edits or defaults set on this page

Once the changes have been saved, you will be able to select your template during the On-Demand webinar creation process.