BigMarker Presenter Guide

This quick guide will take you through all the steps you need to host a webinar with a large audience on BigMarker.

This quick guide will take you through all the steps you need to host a webinar with a large audience on BigMarker.

IMPORTANT: Please test your system and review our System Requirements Check List before hosting any webinar or web event.




1. You must first be logged into your BigMarker account. 

2. In the upper right-hand corner of the website, click the blue Create Webinar button.

3. Fill out your webinar details on the following screen. 


After creating your webinar you will be taken to the webinar's dashboard, there you will enable your webcast mode to 'Required'.  **Please note that this is feature is required for webinars over 50 attendees.**

Webcast mode will help with attendees with a slow internet connection and will help with a larger audience, it adds a 30 second delay to the stream so everyone has the same smooth webinar experience. 

You can find out how to enable webcast here


After creating your webinar you will see the dashboard for the webinar, here you'll see tabs EDIT, PRESENTERS,DESIGN, EMAILS/INVITATIONS, MANAGE,AUTOMATION, INTEGRATIONS. (You can also enter your webinar from this page.) 


MANAGE WEBINAR:  In this tab you will be able to view analytics and reporting, manage webinar registrations and customize registration fields. You will be able to access the SEO/Social Sharing tags, edit the confirmation page and many more things. 


EDIT: In this tab you will be able to edit the webinar details, webinar size, sell tickets and privacy. 

Pro-tip: If you're hosting a Live webinar this is where you will find editing options for Chat and Q&A, dial-in and advance settings. 


PRESENTERS: In this tab you will be able to edit information such as name, profile picture, bio and contact information for presenters. 


DESIGN: In this tab you will be able to edit design options for your landing page and webinar preview card, you will also be able to edit conference room branding here. 


EMAILS & INVITATIONS: In this tab you will be able set emails for your webinar including reminders & notifications, general emails, presenter notifications, presenter reminders and you can also access your invite and registrant list here.


AUTOMATION: In this tab you'll be able to add automations to your webinar such as polls, chats, pre-loaded videos and hangouts. 


INTEGRATIONS: In this tab you will be able to integrate with the apps below and 500+ more through Zapier.  


WEBINAR LANDING PAGE: To access your webinar landing page click the View Landing Page button on the righthand side of your webinar dashboard toolbar. This is the page people will see when they come to register for, and attend your live webinar. This is also where your recording will post if you choose to publish your webinar recording.




As a host, you'll be able to enter your webinar 60 minutes before it starts. Use the steps listed below to enter your webinar.

  1. Go to your webinar landing page: Use the personalized link sent to you via email or log into your BigMarker account to access your webinar landing page. 
  2. System requirements: Hosts should have an internet speed of 10+mbps for both upload and download speeds for an optimal webinar hosting experience. Also, please make sure you are on an updated version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge. (Use the test above to test your system and internet) 
  3. Click the Enter Webinar button. You can access your "Enter Webinar" button from your webinar landing page. 




Once you enter your webinar, the webinar is "live". This means that anything that you share (i.e. webcam, mic, presentation slides, videos, etc.) will be visible/audible to your audience (if anyone is in the room). We highly recommend testing your mic/camera/presentation etc. before your audience enters the room. 

  • Recording your webinar: You must click the Record tab in your host control panel and then the Start Recording button to record your webinar. It will NOT auto-record. 
  • Enabling attendee mics/cams: The default settings for attendee mics and webcams is off. To allow them to share their mics/webcams you must to enable them. You cannot turn their mic or camera on for them, you can only enable their ability to share them. You can learn more about camera and mic settings here


Your recording will post on the "Manage Webinar" tab on your webinar page. You will be alerted by email when the recording is available. You must "Publish" your recording in order for your recording to be viewable on your webinar landing page. 
You will also receive an email after the webinar is complete with the analytics and reporting results of the webinar, you can also view the results on the webinar's dashboard under the 'Manage Webinar' tab. 



Before the webinar, it is important to review all of our system requirements and video guides to ensure the best possible experience in your BigMarker webinar room.

If you have any questions, please email