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Summit or Series

Host a series of webinars over time with a single registration

Webinar Series are a collection of Live, On-Demand, and/or Automated webinars with one registration. 

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 Webinar Series features include:  HD Audio & Video, HD Screen sharing, Recording, Play videos, Present files, Whiteboard, No limit on presenters, Embed into your website, Call to Action Popups, Public & private chat, Q&A and upvoting, Polls & quizzes, Handouts and the ability to Host a Twitter chat.  


How to Create a Series 


1. On the Host Dashboard, select Create a Webinar. Screen Shot 2022-04-18 at 3.04.32 PM


2. Select the Summit or Series type and fill out the webinar details. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 2.00.58 PM series

3. Once you have selected Webinar Series you will fill out the webinar details. Webinar Series has two formats:  

Course Format: The series will have a homepage with a course outline and detail pages for each section, which can be built around live or on-demand webinars. 

Summit Format: The series will have a homepage with a grid view of included webinars and detail pages for each webinar in the series. Customers can buy individual sessions or the entire series at a bulk discount.

Pro Tip! You can change the format later if needed. 

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4. When the webinar is created you will be taken to the webinar's dashboard, here you can Edit settings for the webinar, add and/remove Presenters, Design the landing page,  Set up Emails and Invitations, and Manage the webinar.

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This is also where you will add previous On-Demand or Automated Webinars to the series or create Live Webinars for the series.  

To add a webinar to your series, scroll down on your  Manage Webinar dashboard and find the Webinars In This Series section.  Use the dropdown menu to select which webinar to add to the series, then click Add Webinar. You can add existing webinars or click Create a Webinar to create a new webinar. 

Adjust the series's registration settings as well. Typically, when a registrant registers for your series, they will also register, by default, for the webinars in the series. You can opt of having this information synced in case there are additional registration fields that registrants should answer per webinar. Lastly, you can run a registration check amongst the series and its webinars to ensure that there are no duplicate registrants. 

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