Recording FAQs

Read below for frequently asked questions and answers about recordings

How do I download my recording?

  • You can download your recording file (MP4 format) on the Manage Webinar dashboard of your webinar page, under the Manage Recording section. Only channel organizers, admins and webinar presenters can download recordings.

Note:  The Manage Recording section will only appear after the recording file has processed.

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How do I share a recording?

  • Depending on how you want to share it, there can be several ways to do so. The first way would be sending Recording has Published emails to the recipients of choice. Go to the Emails & Invitation section,  click the pencil icon on the Recording Notification email and check off who you would like to receive the email notification.

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  • To publish and share the recoding with anyone, go to the Manage Webinar dashboard, click Share Link and send the link to anyone of choice. 

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To adjust the privacy settings on the recording, go to the Edit tab of your webinar and adjust the privacy needed to view the recording. 

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Note: Those that registered for the live session will not be required to register again to view the recording. They can use the link in their Confirmation Email or Recording Published Notification email to view the recording. 


What does "Recording is Processing" mean?

  • With webinars and web events, there are millions of pieces of information that are streamed between you and your attendees. When you click record, our servers reassemble this information into a playable format.
    All recordings and pre-loaded MP4's are post-processed with encrypted DASH and HLS before being available to your attendees, so the original video cannot be accessed/downloaded. This ensures that any edits made to your recording will be stored and encrypted safely. 
    This process usually takes 2-3 hours; we will notify you when it's complete so no need to wait around! If it takes longer, please email us at



When will my recording post?

  • It can take up to 2-3 hours to process the recording. The recording will not post automatically, you will need to Publish your video for the attendees and presents to receive the video. If it takes longer than 24 hours, please email us at


Can I embed a recording?

  • Yes! There are several ways to go about getting the embed code needed to embed your recording. The first way is on your Manage Webinar dashboard, under the recording, click Copy Embed Code.

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Next, you can scroll down past the recording to the bottom of the page and locate the Embed Webinar into your Website section. Get the embed code by clicking Embed Recording 

Lastly, Click Embed Recording Registration to open up the editor for the widget that allows people to register for the recording. You can get the embed code at the bottom of the widget's page. 

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Can I pause the recording in a webinar?

  • Unfortunately there is no pause button when you're recording, you can only start and stop the recording once.  When you click Stop Recording, the recording will begin processing.  You can host an unlimited number of web conferences. So, if you need to re-record a conference, just create a new one and start recording again.


How do I delete my recording?

  • By default, all recorded webinars become On-Demand webinars. However, you can delete your recorded webinar if desired.  To delete a recorded webinar completely, click the More button below the webinar title, then click Delete Webinar. 

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If you don't want to delete the recording, you can Unpublish the recording so that it's only available to admins on the dashboard. Or, you can replace an old recording by clicking Upload New Recording below the video player. Simply drag and drop your new MP4 file or use the Browse button to replace your old recording. We recommend downloading your original recording before adding a new recording. 

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Can I edit a recording?

  • You cannot edit your video using the BigMarker platform, however, you can download your recording within the webinar Dashboard. Once downloaded, you will get the Mp4 file of your recording which you can edit with a 3rd party software and upload to your BigMarker channel. 


How do I watch a recording?

  • If you recorded your webinar, you will be emailed when the recording has been processed. (If you do not receive an email in 24 hours, please contact us: Go to your webinar's dashboard, scroll down to the Manage Recording section, here you will be able to view your recording.  Click the Play button in the middle of the recording.

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Who can watch my recording?

  • By default, anyone with the link to your webinar can view your recording. If you want to limit access to your recording, you can change your recording permissions in the Edit tab, Privacy section of your webinar page.  If you would like to charge people to view your recording you can click on Sell Tickets and set a price to view your recording.

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