Practice before your Presentation in the Green Room

Get any pre-presentation jitters out of the way and collaborate with other presenters in our Green Room, a backstage area within the webinar room to prep before going onstage.

Note: Green Room is only available for our Enterprise plan holders. If interested, please contact our Events Experts at 


New as of May 2023: Webinar hosts can now move attendees into the Green Room to ensure they are fully set up before entering the webinar. Simply select an attendee and use the 3-dot menu in the host control panel to move them to the Green Room. Clicking this new setting will move the attendee to the Green Room, which will automatically unblock their mic and camera and allow attendees to get prepared before going live.

Ensure you are ready to present to your audience with our new Green Room. Inside the Green Room, presenters, hosts and admins are all able to test their microphones, cameras, and chat amongst each other while preparing for their turn to present. 

Essentially, the Green Room is a “backstage” area within the webinar room, where you can prepare before going onstage to your audience. It provides a separate space to test your system and hardware, and practice your material. 

In the Green Room, the same great features found within the webinar room will be available, so presenters can ensure everything is working properly. Not only that, but this gives plenty of opportunity to get any pre-presentation jitters out of the way and collaborate with one another. 

How to Enable the Green Room 

Note: You must have Studio and 64 Cameras mode enabled to use the Green Room 

  1. On the Manage Webinar dashboard, scroll down to the Live Webinar Settings section 
  2. Scroll until you find the Green Room, and switch the toggle on. From there, select if you would like presenters to enter on or off-stage
  • On-stage: Presenters will bypass the Green Room and go right on-stage. 
  • Off-Stage: Presenters will enter the webinar off-stage. 

Whether on or off-stage, an Admin will need to manually move the Presenter to the Green Room and manually move them back to the live room. 

Inside the Green Room 

Screenshot 2022-12-07 at 11.35.52 AM

Presenters in the Green Room will have a banner notifying them they are in the Green Room. While inside, they can test their cameras and microphones before going on-stage. 

As an Admin,  you are able to click  Switch to Green Room, which will take them out of the webinar room and into the Green Room. Any presenter in the Green Room will show under the Green Room section in the Host Control Panel.

To bring Presenters back into the webinar room, click Switch to Live View.

There are a few ways to move a presenter to and from the Green Room: 

  • Click the ellipsis on the Presenter’s Camera within the Green Room
  • Click the ellipsis of the Presenter in the Host Control Panel 
  • Click into the Green Room and use the ellipsis next to the Presenter’s name


Watch the video below to see the three ways on moving Presenters to and from the Green Room: 

It’s important to note that when Presenters are brought from the Green Room and into the webinar room, they will be brought back depending on their status inside the Green Room. Within the Green Room, you can move presenters on and off-stage, functioning exactly how it would within the live room. So if your presenter is inside the Green Room as "on-stage", moving them from Green Room to the live stage will have them come into the event as on-stage. If your presenter is off-stage within the Green Room, moving them to the live stage will have them come in as off-stage. 


Screenshot 2022-12-07 at 11.39.11 AM


You will need to click Bring on-stage to have them display to your audience. 

Watch the video below to see the Green Room in live action: