Adaptive Streaming (64-camera Mode):

Adaptive Streaming (64-camera Mode) is BigMarker's default and recommended Video Streaming Configuration, providing lower bandwidth requirements and lower CPU usage, while allowing users to stream up to 64 webcams simultaneously.

New as of 02/03/2023: Now, if you have a strong network connection, you are able to disable adaptive streaming to ensure the highest camera quality. 

64-camera Mode is strongly recommended for most use cases and environments where automatically adjusting stream quality is beneficial, especially in cases where some presenters have variable levels of internet speed, bandwidth, and stability.

64-camera mode, BigMarker's latest video streaming engine, is the default and recommended configuration for most users, and is selected by default under the Webinar Dashboard under the section entitled Webcam Experience, as the option entitled "Up to 64 Cameras."

64-camera mode brings many benefits over the previous generation 9-camera mode.

  • 64-camera mode empowers users to use less CPU and less network bandwidth per unit of video streamed (as measured by number of cameras, resolution, and frame rate).
  • 64-camera leverages a new generation of adaptive streaming technology, which automatically adapts video quality based on the bandwidth of participants, to smooth out the experience and provide a more consistent experience across changes in upload/download speed that are common on many networks
  • Because of the performance enhancements it provides, 64-camera mode also supports up to 64 webcams shared at one time, representing a significant improvement over the previous generation, which supported streaming of 9 simultaneous webcams.

As we have transitioned from 9-camera mode to 64-camera mode, we now only recommend 9-camera mode in environments where all presenters have consistent high bandwidth, with certainty, and producers want to ensure that only the raw video pushed by each presenter ends up in the stream, without any adjustments made to it by adaptive streaming.

64-camera mode is recommended for use cases where there are multiple presenters streaming multiple webcams at once, or where presenters' bandwidth is not guaranteed to be high and consistent.

In, and if, there is a use case that a presenter’s internet connection is strong and stable, then adaptive mode can be shut off to ensure the highest camera quality. We recommend disabling adaptive camera quality only if a presenter has strong internet connection with consistent networking speeds. Disable adaptive streaming mode within the webinar’s Edit tab, under Adaptive camera quality

Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 9.58.47 AM

As always, BigMarker recommends testing both configurations, and working in collaboration with your Customer Success Manager to choose the right configuration for your use case and environment.

64-camera is available for all webinars, virtual events and MeetingSpaces.