Itinerary Landing Page: A new Landing Page Template

Introducing our Itinerary Series Landing Page, a new series landing page template that gives your registrants full control in picking and choosing which sessions they'd like to register for.


Note: This is only for Enterprise plan holders. If you are interested in learning more, contact our Events Experts at 



Looking for a landing page that can show all your sessions and let your attendees pick and choose which sessions they’d want to register too? We’ve got the solution for you: Itinerary Series Landing Page, our new series landing page that houses all your series's sessions and allows registrants to choose which sessions they’d like to register to. 

Itinerary template is a simple one-click set up when creating your series event. It has the same great functionality and features to customize on our other landing page templates, like the header, title banner, about section, footer and more. Learn more about our Itinerary template below.  

What it Offers: 


Using the Itinerary landing page template, you are able to break away from having to  bundle  registration to your entire event’s sessions. This template removes that boundary and gives registrants their choice back, allowing them to check off which sessions they want to attend and register to in one fell swoop. With this landing page, registrants can: 

  • Have full control on selecting their preferred sessions

  • Streamline their registration in one centralized page 

  • Pick and choose only the sessions they would like to register to and attend.

  • Unlike other series formats, registering for the series does not register you for the entire list of sessions

  • Any session being added will never automatically share registration data from the series to the webinar. All sessions in the series will be part of the webinar selection on the landing page

Opt to choose this landing page template and give your registrants the ability to choose what sessions they’d like to attend. The possibilities are endless, as they can choose based on interests, topics, language preference and more. Choosing their own sessions increases satisfaction and engagement overall for your attendee’s event experience.