Give your attendees the ability to register for multiple events or webinars when they register for a series

Instead of your attendees spending their time manually registering for multiple events, create a custom registration field and allow them to efficiently register for all events at the same time.

Your attendees can now register for multiple events or webinars in a series during the initial registration process. This new option allows you to not only give your attendees a better overview of your event offerings but also saves them time during their registration. Simplifying this process eliminates potential frustration or confusion as they're inputting their information. The fewer instances of registration necessary, the smaller the margin of error becomes, giving you cleaner, more concise data collection. 

First, you’ll need to understand how to create a custom registration field

Once you understand how custom registration fields work, you can begin to create the necessary fields you’d like your attendees to complete during their registration. Here’s how to add the event or webinar selector to your list: 

NOTE: This is an Enterprise Feature and must be enabled by your account manager. If you are interested in this feature, please contact If you already have an Enterprise or Virtual Event plan please contact your account manager for more details. 

1. Select your main series and enter to manage. Select Custom Registration Fields from the left navigation menu and Add Field.

2. Fill in your field type with an applicable field title and description for the purposes of the event selector.

3. Then, select Webinar/Series/Event Selector. You can allow for a single selection, or multiple selections if you want to give your attendees the opportunity to register simultaneously for multiple events. You can either choose Dropdown or Checkboxes for your display style. Finally, add your desired events or webinars you’d like attendees to choose from, and name them accordingly.

NOTE: This feature is enabled when one pass is created on the event level, or none at all. If there are multiple passes per event, this feature is not available. 

4. Click Save Field. Your custom registration field has been created. To test, simply click through to your main series landing page in an incognito window and click to register. You should see your event options available during the registration process. 

To ensure registration has been completed, go into your connected event and double check the registrant is there. As you can see, Alyse Black has been successfully registered for Rize Nation, and is appearing appropriately in the event dashboard.