How can I sell tickets and create coupon codes on BigMarker?

Sell tickets to your event on BigMarker and offer coupon codes based on exclusive content shared or limited time offers

How can I sell tickets on BigMarker? 

Note: When paid tickets are turned on, the number of registrants can not exceed the capacity set by your channel plan.


1. Log into your webinar and select the Edit tab. 

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2. In the left-hand menu, select Sell Tickets

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3. BigMarker hosts can offer free admission (no tickets) or paid tickets, or ask participants to make an optional donation upon registration. Using the radio dials provided, select your preferred ticket type. 


4. If you choose Paid Tickets, complete the following fields:  

  • Price to Attend Live: Enter a price for live admission to your event. (Note that prices are given in American dollars by default. 
  • Price to View Recording: Enter a price for attendees who watch a recording of your event.
  • Allow Coupon Code: If you are providing guests with coupon codes, check this box. This will allow guests to submit a coupon code on their registration and get a discount on the full ticket price.
    • Coupon Code: Tell attendees to use the coupon code 38515 to enter your event for free. 
    • Add New Coupon Code: If you'd like to offer additional coupon codes, click the teal Add New Coupon Code? link just below Coupon Code. Additional information is provided at the end of this article.   
  • Share to attend for free?: Check this box to offer free admission to anyone who refers others to your event via social media. Guests will send you proof that they've shared, and you'll be able to accept or deny their request for free admission. 
  • Include in Bundle: Check this box if you're giving ticket holders access to a webinar bundle (a series of several webinars offered at a discounted rate). Then select your webinar bundle in the provided dropdown menu.  
  • Free for Channel Subscribers: Check this box to offer free admission only to pre-existing subscribers to your BigMarker channel. 

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How can I create additional coupon codes? 

1. In the box above, select the teal Add New Coupon Code link (located just below Coupon Code). 

2. In the pop-up that appears, complete the following fields: 

  • Coupon Code: Enter a 3-20 digit "password" that guests can enter on their registration form to get the related discount. 
  • Coupon Discount Type: Hosts can offer discounts in the form of a percentage (35% off of full price) or a dollar amount ($45 off of full price). Choose your preferred discount type here. Once you've selected your discount type, enter the size of your discount in the next field.   
    • Percent Discount: If you are offering your discount in the form of a percentage, enter it in this field (For instance, enter 35 if you're offering code users a 35% discount.) 
    • Amount: If you are offering your discount in the form of a dollar amount, enter it in this field.  
  • Limit: If you are limiting the number of attendees that can submit this code, enter that number in this field. (If you're not placing a limit on coupon codes, enter "0" in this field). 

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