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How can I embed my webinar's registration widget into my website?

Create and embed your event's registration widget to your website. The widget will automatically convert to "Live Now" when the session is live, and convert to a recording widget after the event has ended.

Can I create an event registration widget on BigMarker? 

Yes! Create and embed an event registration widget in your website. Once your event has begun, and sessions have gone live, this widget automatically converts to a "Live Now" widget that links to your live event sessions.

And once the event has concluded, the widget converts to a recording widget that contains a video of the session recording. This way, your registration widget continues to collect attendees and viewers even after registration has ended.

Examples of all three widget types are below: 


How can I create an event registration widget on BigMarker? 

To add a registration widget to your website, log into your BigMarker channel and select the webinar for which you'd like to create a widget. From there, you'll proceed to your webinar dashboard.



Scroll down, then select Registration Widget in the left-hand menu. 

Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 1.59.26 PM


This leads to an editor in which you can customize your widget's design, text and call to action links. All changes are immediately reflected in a preview box just right of the editor.

  • Widget Type: Opt to have your widget show as an image, form or button 
  • Widget Image: Add an image for your widget 
  • Colors: Customize the background color and button colors of the widget
  • Sub Titles: The text on the top of the widget, above the image, is the sub title. In the first three text boxes, you can change the sub titles for each of the three widget types.
  • Button Text: This refers to the text of the call-to-action (CTA) button on each widget, which links to a destination within your virtual event. In the next three text boxes, you can change the CTA button text for each of the three widget types.
  • Widget Width and Height: Select your widget's width and height in pixels.
  • Embed type: Next, decide whether to embed your widget via iFrame or direct embed. iFrame widgets are more compatible with the dimensions of your event website, but direct embeds are required to track your widget's traffic and referral activity on Google Analytics or similar platforms.

Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 2.01.22 PM

Opt to  Show/Hide the "More " link on your channel, add custom Javascript or CSS and adjust and set the widget width and height. 


Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 2.09.40 PM


Finish off by selecting the format of your widget, either iframe or Javascript Direct Embed. iframe widgets have greater compatibility with websites while Direct Embeds are needed to work with Google Analytics or UTM registration fields. Then, set the redirect destination after registration has been complete, either in staying on the page or redirecting to the landing or confirmation page. 

Finally, copy the embed code to your clipboard, then click Save to complete. Once you paste this code to your website, the widget will display with the design and specifications you set here. 

Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 2.11.29 PM