How to Create Filters in a Virtual Event Expo Hall

Use the filter function, located above the booth listings, to quickly search and identify the most relevant booths in your Expo Hall

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BigMarker expo halls enable guests to navigate to individual exhibitor booths by clicking the booth's tile from the display below. Attendees can use the filter function, located above the booth listings, to more quickly identify the most relevant booths for their needs. 

In the example below, attendees can filter out booths by Industry. 


To do this, click the filter, then select from the categories listed in the dropdown menu that appears. This menu can be formatted as a checklist or as a single-option display. Both are shown below.

Once the attendee selects their preferred categories, only booths from those categories will remain visible. 

The Checklist Filter 

The Single-Option Filter 


How to create a filter for the Expo Hall

1. On your main series backend, click Manage Event (Beta).

Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 10.36.21 AM

2. Once there, click on your Expo Hall module. 

Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 11.11.29 AM

3. From there, you'll proceed to your Expo Hall's landing page. On the left-hand side of the screen is a drawer featuring various tools you'll use to design this page. The rest of the screen displays the attendee view of the Expo Hall (i.e., what they'll see when they enter the Expo Hall.) 

Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 11.13.19 AM

4. In the left-hand menu on this page, select Filters.

Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 11.13.58 AM

5. Select Add New Filter. 

Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 11.15.19 AM

6. Under Filter Title, name your filter (this should pertain to the categories you're allowing users to sort by, for example, "Industry"). 

7. Check Show Filter to display your filter on the Expo Hall landing page. 

Then, under Filter Type, choose between two filter formats: filter checkbox or filter options (both are pictured above). 

  • Filter checkbox enables users to search for more than one category. So if you're allowing users to filter booths by industry, they can search for booths from marketing AND finance companies, but not search for booths from tech companies. 
  • Filter options allows users to search for a single category. So keeping with our example above, guests would only be able to search for booths from marketing OR finance companies, not both. 


8. Next, add categories to your filter. To do this, save your filter, then select the carrot (the sideways V) icon next to its name. 

Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 11.25.37 AM

9. To add a new category, select Add Filter Content

Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 11.28.08 AM

10. In the provided textbox, enter the name of your category. (Continuing with our example, if you're using the industry filter, enter the name of each industry in these prompts). Click save and repeat until you've added all of your desired categories to your filter. 

Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 11.29.07 AM

11. Check Show Filter Category, then click Save


How do I assign each booth to a filter category? 

1. Finish by assigning each booth to a filter category. This ensures that when users search for a category, booths will appear in the results. To do this, return to the Expo Hall landing page editor (do this by clicking the left-pointing arrow next to each menu title), then select Sessions in the left-hand menu.

13. This tab lists all of the individual exhibitor booths hosted in your Expo Hall. Select your desired booth from this list. 

14. When you select a booth, the following display will appear. At the bottom of this field, you will assign this booth to a filter category.

Scroll down and find Filter. All active filters will appear in that display. 



15. Click the white box, then select your desired category from the options that appear. For example, if you want to assign this booth to the Marketing category, click it here.

Note: You can assign a booth to more than one category, as shown below. 


16. Click Save, then repeat for all relevant booths in your Expo Hall.