How to Set up your Virtual Event’s Agenda

The Agenda houses your virtual sessions, in-person sessions, on-demand recordings and more for your audience to enroll in, join and watch live streams from

The Agenda will show all your registrants, and attendees, the entire schedule for your Event. This can house your virtual sessions, in-person sessions, on-demand recordings and more. Your audience can enroll to sessions from the Agenda, join live sessions, and watch streams of sessions past. The best part about the Agenda is that it can be fully customizable to the attendee, as they can choose their own schedule with the Schedule Selector, see only sessions that align with their interests, and favorite the sessions they liked the best. 

Learn more about setting up your event’s Agenda below. 

How to Set Up the Agenda 

Note: There are two ways to create an Agenda for your event. You can either create a Virtual Event, or from your event, add an Agenda module



1. On your main series, click to the Manage Event (Beta) dashboard

2. From the dashboard, click on the Agenda module to be redirected to the Agenda’s dashboard

3. Click to the Landing Page 

You will be taken to the Agenda’s Editor section, where you will customize the look and feel of your Agenda. There are different sections here with separate functionality and features included in each. The sections are: Header, Title Banner, Agenda Dates, Agenda, Category, Custom Code, Filters, and Footer

Header: This will be the header of the Agenda, where you can set your top navigation bar style and include a logo image. Customize the logo URL and decide if you would like to use the global navigation links, main navigation style or both. 

Title Banner: The Title Banner will house the important information of your Agenda in one location, such as the event’s title, the teaser description for the event, and the background color or image. You can select whether you would like to show the title in the banner, display the register now  button, and customize the banner’s background color or image. 

Additionally, set the Agenda’s banner color or image on your desktop, mobile and tablet.

Agenda Dates: Set the date and times for your sessions in the Agenda Dates section, where your attendees will be able to search, filter, select, join and watch the sessions from. 

Important! You will want to create your Agenda Dates first, then add your sessions to the Agenda and after proceed in the customizations of your agenda.  

How to Set Up Agenda Dates and Add Sessions to your Agenda 

1. Click Add Agenda Date

2. Enter in the title of the Agenda Date into the Display Text field (for example, Monday, Day 1, etc.)

3. Select how you would like the Agenda Date’s format to be set as, either Manual Select or Time based 

    • Manual Select: Use the dropdown menu to select the Agenda Items the Agenda Date will be included. For example, select to have the sessions from 12:30-1PM, 2PM-3PM and so on display for the Agenda item. 
        • If Manual Select is selected, click Show Multi Agenda to add more times to the to Agenda Date 
    • Time based: Select the time frame and set a start and end time for sessions to be under the Agenda Date. For example, I set my Agenda Date to be on 10/11/2022 from 3PM to 5PM. The Agenda Date will display all sessions that occur on that date during those times automatically on the Agenda under on Agenda Date 

Important! For Hybrid events, you must set the Agenda date format to be time based to have the sessions appear both on the desktop and mobile app Agenda for your event. 

4. Optional: Check off Link to Custom URL to link the Agenda Date to a different external link 

5. Click Save

From there, you will want to head to the Sessions section on your Manage Event dashboard. Do this by clicking Manage, then clicking the Main Series hyperlink, then Manage Event (Beta) dashboard. 



Note: If you have not already done so, create sessions to include on your Agenda. Creating a session will automatically create  a separate Agenda item on your Agenda. 

1. On the Sessions section, click the Manage button for the session of choice 

2. Under the Agenda section, select which event module you would like the session to display on (this can be your main series Agenda or a separate Agenda series of choice)

3. Scroll down and select whether you would like the session to appear as its own agenda item, a sub-agenda item or not appear on the agenda at all 

Note:A sub-agenda item is tied to an existing agenda item that will display below the main session for that agenda item. Use sub-agenda items as additional sessions that tie into the main sessions’s topic or panel-style discussions attendees can join following the main session. They will appear like this on the Agenda. 



4. Click Save & Exit 

This will create an Agenda item (depending on the display setting you selected) for you to add to an Agenda Date. Repeat this process as many times as needed to import all your sessions to the Agenda. 

Agenda: The Agenda section will show all your Agenda items  with additional customizations that can be made to the main section of the Agenda. The Agenda Items are the separate items on your Agenda that will contain the Agenda dates and sessions per each Agenda date. 

How to Set Up Agenda Items 

Important! Make sure you enable the Use advanced Agenda format setting for your items as it enables certain advanced functionality.

1. Click Add Agenda Item 

2. Enter in the time for the Agenda item in the Agenda Time text field 

3. Select to use either the Agenda time format or the Agenda 24-hour clock 

    • Agenda Time Format: manually input the date and start/end time for the agenda item 
    • Agenda 24-hour clock: 

4. Enter in the title for the Agenda item in the Agenda Title text field 

5. Enter in a description for the Agenda item 

6. Opt to add a question to the Agenda item (i.e. Where can I register?) 

    • If a question is included, add an external link in the URL field below 

7. Opt to include additional text below the description in the Bottom Text field box 

8. Apply the Agenda to a main category (and sub-category if desired) 

9. Click Save 

You have the option to set the following for each Agenda item: 

  • Show Agenda Speaker - display the presenters for the session. This includes their profile picture, name, and title 
  • Show Agenda Item Horizontally - have the Agenda item display horizontally across the screen compared to vertically
    • If selected, select how many presenters to display and set the height of the item  
  • Allow User to Submit Q&A - a Submit a Question button will appear for users to ask questions 
  • View on-demand video on landing page - the On-Demand video will display on the Agenda
  • Include session in Schedule select process - have the session display in the Schedule Selector
  • Show recommended session in schedule process - have the session show as a recommended session in the Schedule Selector
  • Open Join Now or Watch button in new tab - The session will be viewable in a separate, new tab. 

For the Agenda Items, you can also customize the entire look and feel. The following settings are available to customize: 

  • Show Agenda - have the Agenda show on your event’s landing page 
  • Use advanced Agenda format - enables on advanced functionality for your Agenda, such as favorite hearts, happening now labels, Join Now buttons and more. It is important to enable this.  
  • Show Time Zone Selector - display the time zone selector 
  • Only Show the agendas for those registered for the attached webinar - only display sessions on the agenda that the user registered too 
  • Allow individual webinar enrollment - allow users to register to individual webinars
  • Do not allow multiple enrollment for sessions with same time - limit the amount of enrollments users can do within the a time frame 
  • Use series' custom registration fields as the agenda's filters - apply your series' custom registration fields to your agenda's filters. 
  • Only show agenda for those that use custom fields for the attached webinar - display the agenda based on the custom registration fields associated with the webinar 
      • If selected, select the webinar from the dropdown menu 
  • Only display the webinar on schedule selector page when value is matched to custom fields - display the webinar(s) on the schedule selector based on the custom registration fields associated 
  • Show Agenda Search Bar - opt to show a search bar on your Agenda 
    • If selected, set the location of the search bar 
  • Show Favorite Hearts - display optional favorite hearts for users to heart their favorite sessions
  • Show Webinars Happening Now at top of Agenda - display the sessions occurring now at the top of the Agenda

Category: Create and organize sessions into categories so your attendees can search and attend sessions based on their interests, or topic,  making it easy for them to narrow in and create their own personalized experience. 

How to Set Up a Category

  1. Click Add Category 
  2. Enter in a title for the category
  3. Select a color for the category
  4. Click Save 

Custom Code: Enter in any custom code (HTML/CSS, Javascript) to your Agenda to give it a fully unique feel and experience.

Filters: Include filters to your Agenda your users to easily search for sessions.

How to Create Filters 

  1. Click Add New Filter 
  2. Enter in a title for the filter 
  3. Select to show the filter 
  4. Select to use a multi-filter
  5. Click Save 

For Filters, you have the option to add content to the filter. To do so click Add Filter Content, then enter in the filter content’s name and select a color for the filter content. 


Matchmaking: Add matchmaking filters to your Agenda so users can start connecting with others while selecting sessions. Follow the same steps at filters to create matchmaking titles and matchmaking content 

 Footer: Customize the footer of your Agenda by adding a title and sub-text. Use this as a forum to continue the excitement for your event.