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How to Create and use Live Webinar Widgets on your Website

Use embeddable widgets to host and collect registration for your live streams and webinars, right on your own websites.

New as of 11/27/23: The Live Webinar Widget will automatically become the On-Demand Player if your live webinar is converted to an on-demand webinar and the webinar is published.

Hosts are able to use embeddable widgets to host and collect registration for their live streams and live webinars, right on their own websites. 

Below is an example of a live webinar widget that collects registrations. 

When your webinar goes live, this widget automatically converts into a video player, which streams the session right on your website. Before the session begins, a splash screen will appear prompting guests to pre-register, so you can generate as many leads as possible from your website visitors.

Best of all, you can easily create and edit your widget on the BigMarker platform. Here's how: 


How to Create a Live Webinar Widget and put on your Website 

1. Log into your webinar and select the Manage Webinar tab. 


2. Staying in this tab, scroll down and locate the Live Webinar Widget section, located on the left-hand menu.


3. You will then proceed to the Live Webinar Widget editing tool. Here, you can edit, design and add a registration field to your widget. (Refer to the following subsections for more specific directions on design and registration.) 

4. Once you've finished editing your widget, select the Embed tab. Find this in the left-hand menu of the editor shown in the previous step. 

5. In the Embed tab, you will find your widget's embed code. Copy and paste this code into your landing page's HTML to add it to your website. 


How to Design and Customize a Live Webinar Widget 


1. In the Player tab of the provided menu, you can design and add a registration button to your widget. This tab is pictured below—explanations of each feature within this tab are described below the image. 

  • Presenter Photos: To add a presenter's headshot to the widget, select On, then upload a small headshot of your presenter.
  • Countdown: To display a running countdown on this widget, select On
  • Schedule Text: To change the text that appears in the place of "is scheduled to go live," enter your desired text in this box. 
  • Allow viewers to register?: To allow viewers to register for your webinar via your embeddable widget, select On. When guests click the Register button within your widget, a registration form will pop up for them to complete.
  • Register Button Text/Confirmed Button Text/Register Button Text Color: Use these three fields to customize your registration button. 
  • Background: Select the background color of your widget. Use the provided colors or click the plus sign to open a full color picker. 

Can I customize my registration form within the widget? 

Hosts can require attendees to register to watch a live stream via their widget. Below is an example of a registration form hosted on a widget. 


1. To customize your widget's registration form, go to the left-hand menu of the widget editor and select Registration Form


2. In the Registration Form tab, you can customize your widget's registration form. This includes: 

  • Require viewers to register before viewing live stream?: If you want to require attendees to register before watching your content, select On. 
  • Form Title: In this box, enter copy asking viewers to register for your event. 
  • Fields: These are the fields you will require attendees to enter upon registration. Full Name and Email are included by default; click the trash button next to each one to remove them from your form. 
  • Button Text and Button Color: Use these fields to add call-to-action text and a background color to your registration button.
  • Bottom Text: In this box, enter text that will appear at the bottom of your registration form (we recommend entering a disclaimer about how you will use the information submitted by registrants.)