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Automatically Publish and Unpublish Your On Demand Content

Manage multiple live to on-demand recordings without needing to log in and manually publish, creating a more seamless post-event recording process.

Hosts can set the publication or un-publishing of their content on the Edit tab of the Manage Webinar page based on when the session ended. This action will also trigger any post webinar emails that you have set for the event, which you can also disable in advance if you do not wish to send communications to attendees. 

This allows for hosts to manage multiple live to on-demand recordings as well as on-demand hosting content availability without needing to log in to the event to manually make changes to the publication of your On-Demand content. This also allows for Virtual Events hosts to automatically display and remove the “Watch Now” button on their Agenda, which will allow for more seamless post-event management. 


In this article,  learn where to locate the setting that allows you to automatically publish and un-publish content. 


How to Locate Publishing Settings for Your Content

  1. Log in to your Webinar and select the Edit tab. 
  2. Scroll to the Privacy section and locate the  Auto Publish or Auto Unpublish setting
  3. You will need to select either Auto Publish Recording or Auto Unpublish Recording in order to display the conditional field that allows you to set an amount of hours after the recording becomes ready to publish. 


4. Set a range of hours for your Auto Publish and Auto Unpublish actions. 

    • For the Auto Publish feature, you can set a range up to 72 hours after the recording becomes available.
    •  For the Auto Unpublish feature you can set this for up to 8760 hours (1 year). 


Once you have set your Auto-publish or Auto unpublish setting, it will display the date and time of removal on your Manage Webinar Dashboard under the Manage Recording section.