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A New Way to Use Custom Registration Fields: Merge Field

Streamline collecting and sifting through all that data with Merge field, a new way to use custom registration fields that helps you scan and understand reports faster than before. 

Registration Fields help capture unique data from registrants, such as location, communication preferences, account information and more. At BigMarker, we’ve always prided ourselves on enhancing registration fields to be truly customizable, offering conditional registration fields, unique analytics integration capabilities, disclaimers and more. Now, we’ve added a new customization option to our registration fields: Merge Field 

Merge field is able to take any number of your custom registration field values and “merge” them into one field instantaneously. Any selected registration field’s values will be combined into one, and integrated into the CRM system of choice. This one field helps streamline collecting and sifting through all that data, which helps you scan and understand reports faster than before. 

How to Use: 

Once you’ve created a custom registration field, skip down to the Integrations and Analytics field and select Merge field. This will give you the dropdown menu of all your custom registration fields to select from. Simply go through and add the fields you’d like to merge into your CRM system. The fields will be formatted with a “|” to separate them. For example, the custom fields of “red” and “blue” will show merged as “red|blue”.

You can choose to transform the display of the merge field in your CRM system, making it easily digestible. After selecting your field’s values, select Transform merged data. This gives you five format options: remove spaces, All upper case, All lower case, only show first 4 characters, only show last 4 characters, only show first 3 and last 3 characters. 

In any format, with any data, this new field helps you streamline all the analytics captured into an digestible report. Save your team, and yourself, time analyzing data  with the Merge field. 

To learn more about setting up Merge field, click here