What is the Badge Scanner App?: An FAQ

Unify your event's on-site check-in, badge printing, scanning and lead retrieval in one mobile interface

Note: This is only available to Events Package plan holders. If interested, please contact our Events Experts at sales@bigmarker.com 

We’re excited to roll out BigMarker’s Badge Scanner App, an app that unifies on-site check-in, badge printing, scanning and lead retrieval in one mobile interface. Using the Badge Scanner App, attendees can check in to the event, individual sessions and expo booths via three different sections. 

Event staff can use the Badge Scanner app to scan attendees into sessions — and exhibitors can use it to scan leads, lead score them, leave notes, and export them. This data is available all in one place on your event reports, making it easier than ever to evaluate your performance and create successful follow-up strategies. 

This creates a more seamless check-in experience for attendees while also generating more actionable data for event organizers. Learn more about these check-in flows below: 


Event Check-In Scanner: Once attendees arrive at the event, Event Staff will scan their personalized QR codes to check them in. From there, they’re taken through a virtual check-in flow, where they can create their own customized agendas and provide information that is used to match them with like-minded attendees for networking. 


Attendee Self Check In: The Badge Scanner app also offers a self-service check-in option. Attendees can search for their name from an attendee list and then check in on their own. Once they’ve checked in, they’ll get access to their personalized QR code, which they can use to access individual sessions and exhibitor booths. 


Attendee List: As an organizer, you can view a full list of checked-in attendees, as well as those who have checked in that day. Need to see whether someone has arrived at your event yet? Use the search function to see if they have checked in yet. This way, you can more easily identify attendees who need help checking in, they check in on their behalf.


Have vaccination verification tied into your Check-In? That will display on the app when attendees check in. Any file uploads that are not valid or have an unknown status will be flagged for verification onsite. Only after showing a valid vaccination status to an event staff will allow an attendee to proceed checking in. All records will be updated in real time and shown on the Vaccination section on your event's backend. 



How can I check into individual sessions on the Badge Scanner App? 

Under the Sessions section, event staff can search for specific sessions, use the scroll function to find sessions on specific days, then check in those attendees to sessions via their personalized QR code. 

This smoothes the check-in process for attendees while also allowing event organizers to see how many attendees are currently in the session. During check-in, event staff can also see whether the attendee has pre-registered for the session or they’re dropping in. This way, the organizer can judge capacity for popular sessions, and know when to stop allowing attendees into the session room. (PS: If attendees get capped from a live session, they can always stream it from their phone via the mobile event app!)  



How can exhibitors use the Badge Scanner app to improve event ROI? 

Under Expo Booths, exhibitors can use personalized QR codes to check attendees into individual exhibitor booths. Each check-in is registered in the exhibitor’s booth report in real time, so your event partners always have a pulse on what’s happening in their booth.

And there’s more: Exhibitors are able to label attendees in the app while checking them in; identify them as cold, warm or hot; then add accompanying notes to the attendee’s lead profile. Exhibitors can then export those notes to their sales team, via the app, empowering sales to follow up with interested leads more quickly than ever. This information also will be available in the exhibitor’s report, as well as in the Leads List section in the badge scanner app. 

Learn how to set up the app here


Interested in learning more about hybrid events? Please contact sales@bigmarker.com to chat with a representative.