View Analytics for your Email Campaigns

View comprehensive reports of your email campaigns, giving you tangible data to track your campaign's effectiveness

Note: This feature is for Enterprise and Event Package plan holders. If interested, please contact our Event Experts at Analytics are available ONLY for emails sent after September 23rd, 2022. Any emails sent prior to this will not have an analytics report.


View comprehensive reports, in real time, of your email campaigns with our new Email Analytics! Look over overall percentages of each email’s performance, see separate activity logs per recipient and download a comprehensive report for all your campaigns. Analytics are available for each email campaign (reminders, registration confirmations, surveys, etc.) and are updated in real-time. This gives you tangible data to track your campaign’s effectiveness and improve your email marketing.


What analytics does it capture? 

Our email analytics captures every recipient's email address, email activity and timestamp. You can view percentages of overall activity, such as how many recipients it was sent to, delivery rates, bounce rates and more. In addition to overall percentages, you can view detailed logs of both email activity. View logs of recipients receiving, opening and clicking on emails, (and when), as well as which recipient’s email was bounced or unsubscribed. You can also view any removed emails, such as previously unsubscribed or invalid emails.


Narrow in your search to  specific activities or time frames view the emails that fall under that filter. This can give you a better picture on the effectiveness of campaigns sent during certain time frames or troubleshooting emails that may have bounced. 

Can I download a report of the campaign? 

Download an all-encompassing report for each email campaign, which includes a full detailed view of each campaign’s analytics. This will give you a view of the recipient’s email address, email subject, activity, and time stamp for every notification, reminder, confirmation and survey email sent. 


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