Not Receiving Your Registration Emails for Hybrid Events

Didn’t Receive Your Registration Email? No need to fret! There are some action items you can take incase you did not receive your email for your hybrid event.

1. Make Sure You Are Using the Email You Registered With- Double check when entering your hybrid event that you are using the same email address you registered with. Just like with passwords, you need the right one to get into the right account. The same goes for this: use the same email address to enter your event as the one you registered with. 


2. Check Your Spam Folder- sometimes, email providers will mark certain keywords and phrases as SPAM to protect unwanted emails from your inbox. While common, it can prove to be tedious when you are waiting to receive a certain email. Check your SPAM folder, and mark the email as safe to prevent this in the future. 


3. Allow Enough Time for the Email to Send- while most of the time, searching through the internet can provide instantaneous results. However, emails still do require time to send, going through multiple servers to finally reach your inbox. While times vary, a little wait time is necessary for your email to arrive.


4. Check the Email Address You Entered- we are all humans, prone to mistakes. Sometimes when entering email addresses over and over, we can make typos in the address. One typo would be the difference between getting the email to your address versus another one. Double check that your email address is correct before hitting send.


 5.Your Mail Provider Blocked the Email- Emails are sent to mail providers, what we know as Gmail, Outlook, etc. Sometimes, your mail server will block emails based on settings set to prevent any junk or suspicious email from being received. To prevent this, check with your mail provider to make sure the email is not on the blocklist. 


6. Check Your Internet Connection- With emails being sent from server to server, they are totally reliant on internet connection. Sometimes, unstable connections happen and emails getting sent during these times will not be received on time. When this happens, you can check and see if anyone else is also experiencing these and give time for the internet to get back up and running. 


If you are still experiencing issues with logging into your Hybrid event, please contact your Event Host.