Simplify the Admin Experience with Streamlined Studio Camera Enhancements

Our latest update to the Studio makes it easier than ever for an event admin to manage presenters and troubleshoot issues.


Note: By default, admins will now see a presenter video box when only their microphone has been turned on. This is to ensure that admins have easy access to view and update that presenter’s status. The video box with the avatar of these presenters will not be shown to attendees until their cameras turn on.

Click here to learn how you can turn this feature off and only show a video box if a camera is on.

With this new Studio update, an admin can easily see which stage a presenter is on, move them seamlessly from one stage to another - or move them to and from the Green Room to ensure they’re ready for their presentation.

These different functions, although already existing in some form or another, have been enhanced for ease of use and synchronized with the host control panel. Additionally, we’ve added similar navigation elements right on the camera box in order to allow the admin or host easy and efficient access to these camera and audio features.



Need to bring an attendee to the Green Room to prep them before putting them on-stage? Simply select their name from the host control panel and move them seamlessly into the Green Room with a click of a button. Once the attendee has finished their time on-stage, you can follow the same steps to bring them back to the audience, or, you can find the same options available directly on their video box. 

The streamlined audio/video states are as follows: 



Audio Icon States:

  • On
  • Muted
  • Turned off (Disconnected)
  • Blocked

Video Icon States:

  • On
    • Visible to attendees
    • Hidden from attendees 
  • Muted
  • Turned off (Disconnected)
  • Blocked


Under Name Tags, you’ll see blue lines next to a presenter’s name when they are on-stage and speaking. 

Stage Status tags will let you know each presenter’s location; whether they’re off-stage or on-stage, on-stage but not visible to the audience, or in the Green Room prepping to appear on-stage. 

The Warning tags lets hosts and admins know the status of a presenter’s camera. Yellow shows that their camera has been blocked by an admin. Red is alerting the admins that the presenter’s browser is blocking camera permissions. Yellow is alerting the admins that an admin is blocking camera access. Yellow with the eye icon is alerting the admins that the video box is not shown to attendees.

Troubleshooting the warning tags is easier as well. Once an admin identifies a mic or cam has been blocked, they can push a notification to the presenter having issues which notifies them of the problem and provides them with instructions on how to troubleshoot. 

Additionally, you can now find options to manage your presenters status within the 3-dot menu on the bottom right-hand corner of the video box. All of these settings are also available in the host control panel, but now you can more efficiently find the presenter you want to update by using this menu on their video box. Managing a presenter’s status from their video box will look like the below image: 



Hide audio-only video boxes

By default, after a presenter has enabled their microphone, the video box will appear for all admins. If you want to instead hide video boxes if they don't have their camera on, visit the Manage Dashboard of the webinar and under Presenter Permissions turn off "Show audio only speaker avatars to admins"