Increase engagement with Live Emojis Reactions

Allow attendees to share real-time emoji reactions during your live broadcast. This can look like sending thumbs up or applause emojis, which adds more engagement throughout your event.

Note: This is for Enterprise and Event Packages plan holders. If interested, please contact our Event Experts at 

Note: Studio Mode must be enabled for live emojis to work 

Let your audience show their live reactions during the event with our new Emojis. Inside your webinar or event, attendees will be able to use emojis live to show their reaction virtually. This can be sending a clapping hand emoji to applaud the presenter’s point, a smiley face emoji to indicate their enjoyment, or a thumbs up emoji to agree with the general audience. Overall, it adds another layer of fun for everyone. 



Setup is simple: on your webinar or session’s Manage Webinar dashboard, you will simply need to enable Audience Reactions Input. This will turn them on inside the webinar room where attendees can use them during the event. Emojis are available in both Classic and Modular mode so audiences in both our modes are able to utilize them. 

Screenshot 2023-01-20 at 5.31.07 PM

You can also set up live emojis while Inside the webinar room. In the Host Control Panel, go to the Interactive section. This houses the webinar’s interactions and engagement settings that are possible for your event. From there, simply toggle on Enable Emoji Reactions. You can select how many emojis to use inside the webinar room, with the maximum number being 6 emojis. You can click the X next to any emoji to select new ones. 

When an attendee uses the emoji, it will show inside the room. This will be as a stream of emojis, similar to reactions on your favorite social media platform (think Facebook Live.) You will be able to view analytics on the emojis used and how many in your Analytics & Reporting downloadable webinar report.