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Include the Chat Panel inside your Waiting Room

Include your chat panel within the waiting room to allow attendees to communicate before your event goes live, helping to foster conversation and build excitement before your event

Give your attendees a chance to introduce themselves and meet each other before your event starts by including the Chat Panel inside the waiting room. This helps foster conversation amongst your audience before entering the webinar room, getting people excited before your event. Audience members can introduce themselves, go off a prompt displayed in the waiting room or just talk amongst themselves. Universally, iIt’s a great way to add more engagement to your webinars or events. 

How to Add the Chat Panel in the Waiting Room 

Note: You can also turn this on inside the webinar room under the Host Control Panel. Under Advanced, toggle on Enable Chat in Waiting Room 

1. On the Manage Webinar dashboard, click to the Waiting Room section on the left hand side. Under Advanced Waiting Room settings, enable Allow Public Chat in the Waiting Room 

2. Click Save

Depending on the set up of when attendees can enter the waiting room (either 15-30 minutes before the webinar start time, or immediately after registration) will be when they are able to enter the waiting room and start chatting amongst each other.

If you allowed attendees to enter the waiting room as soon as registration is complete, the chat will only become available when Presenters are able to enter into the webinar room. This helps with moderating and answering the audience's questions, streamlining the flow of conversation. You can adjust when presenters are able to enter the webinar by clicking the Presenter Preparation Time hyperlink. 

Screenshot 2023-01-27 at 11.13.01 AM


Before the event, customize the design of the waiting room below by clicking Customize, and choose to set a sticky note inside the waiting room. 

As a Presenter, you will be able to see the chat in real-time once inside the webinar room. Watch below to see this in live action: 

Learn more about our Chat Panel here