I'm presenting at a BigMarker webinar. How do I practice?

Enter practice sessions that mimic your BigMarker event to check system connectivity, practice your presentation flow and get a feel for the platform before the event.

As a presenter, you are able to  practice on the BigMarker platform before going on-stage for your event. Practicing on the platform beforehand aids in your understanding of  the platform’s capabilities and increases confidence in navigating it during your event. Take control of your presentation by utilizing practice presentations before the main event. 

 You will need to work with your BigMarker Representative to get a separate webinar set up just for practicing. This can either be a brand-new webinar, or a copy of the event’s webinar. In either format, it will be a duplicate of the BigMarker webinar platform, giving you a good feel of how to maneuver and work the webinar room.

We highly recommend creating a practice session to practice your material and iron out any technical difficulties. Practice sessions not only help presenter confidence in the platform, but identify any  technical difficulties that could arise before an event, such as low internet speeds or unexpected firewalls.  We do offer a Green Room, which is an adjacent space inside the live webinar room to prep before going on-stage. However, this will not help catch technical issues until going right on-stage. 

We recommend copying your event webinar as a template. This copies over all the presenter’s information and event material, so presenters can practice with their material included. 

You will enter the practice session as you would any other BigMarker webinar. Just before your scheduled practice session, you will receive an email containing your unique entry link. Follow this link to enter your practice session on BigMarker. 





This entry link leads you to a system check page, where you can test your webcam, microphone, speakers, and Internet speed before continuing to the practice session. Once you're ready, click the Enter Webinar button to begin your practice session.


Choose your preferred audio source.

Test your speakers, webcam, and microphone if you didn't do so in the previous steps, then press Continue to Webinar to enter your training session. 

Your practice session will take place in this interface, which is identical to the platform you'll use during your presentation. Here, you can upload your slide deck, practice using the Host Control Panel, trigger interactive features, practice distributing handouts, and more.  


How to Create a New Webinar for Practice: 


  1. On your dashboard, click Create a Webinar 
  2. Give your webinar a title, the date and time for it, and the style of webinar (Classic vs. Modular
  3. Click Save 


From there, enter your presenter’s information into the Presenter section of the webinar. They will receive their presenter email with their URL to enter into the webinar. Watch the video below to see this process in live action: 


How to Copy a Webinar for Practice: 


Copying your webinar will copy over all of the pre-loaded webinar material for the live webinar. The benefit of copying your webinar is that you will be able to practice with your material, such as powerpoint slides, videos, polls, handouts and more. Only a BigMarker Admin can copy over a webinar, so please contact yours to have your event copied over. 

Watch the video below to see how to copy a webinar in live action: 


Create a Presenter Practice Session: 


You can directly create a practice session for an individual presenter in the Presenter section. This functions similarly to creating a new webinar for practice sessions, but you are able to create one directly under the Presenter section. 

Watch the video below to see this in live action: