I got "kicked out" of the room

If you have gotten "kicked out" of the webinar, read the following troubleshooting steps below

There might be a few reasons why you've gotten "kicked out" of the webinar:

  1. Your internet speed is slow or your connection dropped.
  2. You are behind a firewall. Please review our Firewall article
  3. You were removed (either accidentally or on purpose) by another presenter in the room.
  4. The End Webinar button was pushed by another presenter in the room. This will immediately end the webinar and remove everyone from the room.

It's best to review the system requirements first. If it is a connection or firewall issue, you may need to switch networks (if possible) or dial-in

If you continue to experience issues please contact support@bigmarker.com If you do contact support, please provide the link of the webinar and describe as best as possible, where you ended up (landing page, black screen, mic, and camera test pop-up) after you got kicked out of the webinar room. This will help us better understand what might be happening.