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How To Edit Automated Chats in the Video Player for On-Demand Webinars

Add and edit automated chats to your On-Demand recordings. These can extend the shelf life of your content, engage attendees and viewers post- event, and call out specific questions, calls to action, etc.

There are two ways to set up this feature. You can pre-program automated chats before your live session begins  (Learn more about customizing your Live Webinar On-Demand video player here) or add automated chats after the live session has been converted to an on-demand recording. Learn more about this feature below. 

Table of Contents: 

1. How to Enable Automated Chats in On-Demand Webinars 

2. To Add a New Chat Message

3. Automated Chats in an On-Demand Recording 

4. FAQs


How to Enable Automated Chats in On-Demand Webinars

  1. On your On-Demand's Manage Webinar dashboard, click to the Edit Video Player section.


2. Click the Chat section

3. Click Show Automated Chats, then click Edit Automated Chats 


This will redirect you to a separate page where you can add automated chats and manage the automation of those chats within the webinar. 

To Add a New Chat Message

1. Click New Message. 

2. Choose the settings you would like to use for your Automated Chat, including: 

  • Time - The specific time, relative to the session’s start time, the chat will display (e.g., If you want your chat message to appear 5 minutes after your webinar starts, enter 00 hr, 05 min, 00 sec.)
  • Name -  Who is saying the automated chat
  • Role - If the automated chat is coming from a host or attendee
  • Message - The message of the automated chat
  • Before/After - When the automated chat will appear before the time or after the time 

Note: When the time is set to BEFORE, the automated chat  will display BEFORE the recording starts. If the time is set to AFTER, the automated chat appears AT THAT time. We strongly recommend setting no more than one BEFORE time for your automated chats.  

3. Click Add.  

After adding your messages, they will populate at the bottom of the page, where you can see a list of automated chats for your recording. From here, you can Edit existing automated chats, Delete individual automated chats or bulk delete by checking the boxes of those you wish to delete and clicking Delete Selected

Automated Chats in an On-Demand Recording 

Automated chat  messages will appear on the bottom right corner of the video player during the session. Below is an example of a chat that is scheduled 10 seconds BEFORE the recording started and a chat that is scheduled at 8 seconds AFTER the recording started. 


Can I Import a List of Automated Chats? 

  • Yes! You can import a CSV file with all of the automated chats you plan to use during your session. Click Import and select Import from previous webinar or Import from CSV. The instructions for the required fields of the CSV file are included when selecting that option. 

Can I Export My Automated Chats to a CSV? 

  • Yes! You can export the list of automated chats used during your session to a CSV file. It’s a great way to carry over existing automated chats from one On-Demand webinar to another. Click Export to CSV for a CSV to download locally to your computer. 

Can I see the Timeline for my Automated Chats?  

  • Yes! While adding and managing your automated chats, you can view the automation of your automated chats and event. Click the Automation Timeline tab to view. To learn more about automating your webinars, click here

If there are a lot of automated chats on your timeline, you are able to hide them to navigate and manage your workflow seamlessly. Toggle on Hide Automated Chats to hide the chats from your automated workflow. This will only hide them on the backend, as they will still appear in your event per your automated workflow. Toggle off this setting to display the automated chats once more on the automated timeline.