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How to Block Specific Emails/Domains from Registering to your events

To protect your event from spammers and unwelcome guests, you can now block specific email addresses and email domains from registering with our Registration Block List. 

On this list, you can manage exactly who can and cannot enter your event, while also making exceptions to each list. You can add the email addresses and domains that are allowed to register to your events, as well as those who are blocked from registering.

If anyone on the Block List attempts to join your event, their registration will not be completed and they will receive a message notifying them that they will not be able to register for your event (Note: You can also customize this message). 

You can also add these custom email addresses/domains to your channel's settings so they carry over from event to event. 

Learn more about the Registration Block List below. 


How to use the Registration Block List

Note: You can only block or allow emails at one time, you cannot block AND allow emails.


1. Log in to your webinar and select the Manage Webinar tab. 

2. Staying in this tab, scroll down to the Block List settings.

3. Select Block List or Allow List

(Note: You can only use one list at a time. You will get a notification to enable on the Block List or Allow List)

4. Either enter in email addresses one by one or upload a CSV file of email addresses. Click Upload or Add Email when complete

5. Customize the message for blocked email addresses/domains in the Message to show when blocked email is entered text box. 

6. Click Save when complete 

To block or allow entire domains, use the example following format:
  • *@gmail.com
This will block all Gmail addresses from registering, or only allow those email addresses to register.

You can also use asterisks to block or allow multiple different domains. For example, you may want to block Yahoo email addresses, but you want to ensure that you block all the different  versions of the domain for the various countries, like yahoo.fr or yahoo.de.

Use the following format to block a domain with differing extensions:

  • *@yahoo.*

All email addresses that are allowed or blocked will populate below. For each, you will see the date and time when they were entered and have the ability to delete the selected email.


Watch the video below to view the instructions: 

Within each list is an Exception List, where you can make exceptions to domains that you would like to block. For example, if you are blocking any email addresses with a @gmail.com domain, you can enter in an exception for a “janedoe@gmail.com”  to be blocked or allowed. You can enter in individual email addresses or upload a CVS file. 

An Exception List will populate below to show all the email addresses that have been made as exceptions for the event. 

You can also block or allow email addresses channel wide in the Channel’s settings. Go to your channel’s Settings page and scroll down until you see the Block List tab on the left. 

Click there and you will be redirected to the main page of the Block List

Here, you can follow the same functionality as the Block List found on the Manage Webinar dashboard and upload CSV files or individual email addresses/domain types. These will be applied channel wide and to newly created webinars. If they do not appear immediately, you may need to refresh the page to view. 

It’s important to note that email addresses or CSV files added into the webinars will not be added into the Channel Block List. Only the email addresses added into the channel’s Block List will be added to the webinar’s block list and will show under a separate channel block list section.