How do presenters begin their webinar or virtual event session?

Presenters can access the BigMarker platform through their personalized link sent through our email suite. They can enter their session ahead of time to practice and start the session as well.

How Presenters Begin a Webinar or Virtual Event Session

Presenters can access the BigMarker platform through a personalized link sent via a reminder email, or by logging into their BigMarker account and navigating to their session. All presenters can enter the session room 60 minutes before their scheduled start time. 


Presenters Enter the Live Session from the Presenter Dashboard

Upon logging into the session room, hosts will undergo a system check to ensure they’re using the correct browsers, microphone/camera and hardware, and that their internet connection is fast enough to facilitate streaming and screen sharing. We recommend an internet connection of 10+mbps.  

Enter the Live Session

To proceed, click the “Enter Webinar” button. 


Enable Camera and Microphone

After passing the systems check, presenters will be asked to choose their audio source: either presenter dial-in or their computer microphone, speakers and webcam. 


Test Audio and Video 

After selecting an audio source, presenters will test their audio and webcam. Besides ensuring their device and speakers are not muted, presenters should be logged out of Skype and Zoom, as these programs will hog their device’s video and audio capabilities and prevent their mic and webcam from working properly on BigMarker.


Presenters can practice in a “backstage” host-only setting. 

Once the presenter has tested their audio and video capabilities, they proceed to the “backstage” of their session, where they can practice their presentation, load any content and test their webcam/microphone in a “green room” setting. This room is open to presenters only, as indicated by the black bar on the top of the screen. 

The backstage is available one hours before the session begins, and a running countdown until their scheduled start time is visible on the top right-hand corner of the screen. 


Presenters can manually enable attendee entry or let the countdown clock run down to the session’s start time. 

Presenters can manually allow attendees into the session room before their scheduled start time by pressing the blue “Start Webinar” button. They will then be prompted to confirm that they’re ready for attendees to access the session, then select “Yes, let them in!” to begin their session. 

Alternatively, presenters can wait for their scheduled start time. As the time approaches, the presenter will see a shaded purple bar at the top of the screen, alerting them that the session is going live. This is a live countdown. The presenter will be notified when the session is officially live and attendees are able to enter the session room. 

Note: Once attendees enter the session room, anything that the presenters share will be visible/heard by the audience. We highly recommend testing microphones, cameras and presentations before entering the session room. 

Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 11.21.20 AM

Meanwhile, attendees wait in the Waiting Room before the session’s scheduled start time, then enter automatically.  

If attendees enter the session before the presenter has opened the session room, they proceed to the Waiting Room. They enter the session room automatically when the presenter allows entry or the session’s scheduled start time arrives. 

Hosts can customize this page with their logo and colors, and also add a background video and countdown clock.