How can I grant presenters access to individual engagement features in Studio?

Give presenters access to individual engagement features inside the session, such as uploading slides, handing offers, screen sharing, etc. 

In the past, hosts needed to add their presenters as attendees, or remove their access to the management/control panel, in order to limit their access to certain features inside the session. But if presenters didn’t have access to the control panel, they weren’t able to use any engagement features on their own, which made running a session more clunky. 

Presenters can now use the engagement features that they need to conduct their session without having access to every feature available. (For instance, presenters can share their screens on their own, but not distribute offers, or vice versa.) 

With our latest enhancement, we have added Presenter Engagement toggles under the Audience Engagement toggles on the Manage Webinar Dashboard. 

In this article, learn how to toggle various permissions for presenters.


How to Enable Presenter Permissions

  1. Log in to your webinar and select the Manage Webinar tab. 
  2. Staying in this tab, scroll down to the Audience Engagement settings.
  3. Toggle Use New Interactive Experience ON (This needs to be ON to enable Studio for Presenter View which turns ON Presenter Permissions).

Interactive Enablement

      4. Scroll down to Presenter Permissions

      5. In this menu is a series of presenter permissions. Click on the toggle bar to enable/disable each one.  Learn more about each of these capabilities here

      6. Changes will be saved and applied to your session automatically. 

Manage Webinar Presenter Permissions


How does this update impact the presenter’s view of the webinar room? 

In the webinar room, presenters use engagement features by clicking the matching icon along the bottom of their screen (pictured below). With this update, only the engagement features for which they have been granted permission are visible in this space. 


For example, the webinar below only has Allow Presenter to Manage SlidesAllow Presenter to Manage Video, and Allow Presenter to Manage Screen Share enabled. This is how the Presenter would see their own screen: 


Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 8.59.52 PM

Note: All presenter permissions are enabled for each webinar. Presenters still have the standard Turn on MicTurn on Mic + Cam, and Cam and Mic Settings settings enabled, even if all other permissions are turned off.