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How can I run a Test Webinar?

Conduct practice sessions of your webinar to test presentation flows, audience views and overall gain a feel for hosting inside the webinar room

How to Preview the Webinar Room 


1. Log into your BigMarker account and go to your webinar's dashboard.

2. Go to Preview the Webinar Room section on the lefthand side of you webinar's dashboard. Click either Launch Webinar Room Preview or Launch Conference Room Preview (Attendee View) to see a preview of the presenter and attendee experience. 


Screen Shot 2022-10-31 at 11.05.22 AM

Note: These options are primarily intended to provide admins a feel for the webinar room before the day of their event. It is not, however, constructed to carry out a full test run with presenters.

We strongly suggest setting up an entirely new webinar to fully test our presenter mics/cameras.


How to Set Up an Additional Webinar on your Channel: 


1. Click Create A Webinar located in the upper right hand corner of your dashboard.



2. From there, you will be prompted to enter in a webinar title (I.e: Webinar Test, Test Run, Practice Test, etc) and details. Unless otherwise altered, the webinar will be slotted to run within half hour increments so be sure to schedule your practice session for a time that works best for all who wish to attend.



3. Then, you can add your presenters in the Presenter tab. They will receive another email with their link to attend the practice session. This way, Presenters can replicate the process of attaining their link via email and entering the webinar room. 



4. If you schedule a practice session on the fly, you may experience a Server Initializing button, as pictured below. This may take up to a few minutes. Otherwise, your test webinar will appear up to 3 hours ahead of the scheduled time.


5. Suggested testing: audio & video sharing, host control panel, onstage/off stage presenting (if utilizing that feature), pre-uploaded content (such as power points, handouts, and offers), polls, various chat tabs (Public/Presenter/Private), etc. Should you have any other questions for setting up a practice session our support team can be reached via support@bigmarker.com


Finally, before hosting any webinar or test, please review our system requirements. This will ensure the best possible experience.