How To Create a Round Table for Virtual Events

Create smaller sessions where leaders can exchange ideas and discuss pressing topics. These can be used to spotlight high-level, elevated conversations and also to complement larger keynote and agenda sessions

New as of 11/16/2022: Add Speed Networking to your Round Tables

Round tables are smaller sessions in which business leaders can exchange ideas and discuss pressing topics. These are most often used to spotlight high-level, elevated conversations and also to complement larger keynote and agenda sessions. Learn more about round tables, their functionalities and setup below: 


The Attendee and Presenter Experience 


Round tables can be structured in a few different formats. First, they can be structured  as webinars on BigMarker, so attendees will enter and experience the round table as they would any standard webinar. They can enter via the agenda or an access link sent via email, then listen, watch and engage as they would for other sessions. Another way is through redirecting to  an external site that is hosting the Round Table session. Lastly, this can be a part of your Networking Center, as its own section, and include Speed Networking within. Adding speed networking to your Round Tables is ideal for generating multiple sessions of speed networking at the same time. If you are only looking to have one session of speed networking, you can do so on the Speed Networking section in the Networking Center. 

Overall, Round tables are hosted in standard webinar rooms, so they look and contain the same sharing and multimedia functionalities as other live sessions. 

To enter the round table, presenters can follow the same steps as they would to access any live session on BigMarker or enter from the Networking Center. Once they’re in the live session, presenters and hosts can share media, deliver presentations, add video and control their audiences’ cameras and microphones using controls within the Host Control Panel. 


How to Create Round Tables on BigMarker


Create your own round tables following the steps below:

1. On BigMarker, round tables can be formatted in three ways: You can create a BigMarker webinar to host your round table, add a  link to an external site hosting the session, or create round tables with speed networking. If you want to format your round table as a BigMarker webinar, create the webinar that will host your round table before proceeding.

Follow all of the same steps you would to create a live webinar on BigMarker. Give your live webinar the same name and time as your round table, then proceed to step two. 

2. Log into the Series associated with your event. This is the first Series that you created while building your event. 

3. Once you’ve entered the Series, select the Manage Series tab. Click Manage Event. 


Screenshot 2022-12-19 at 2.18.55 PM


4. In the left-hand menu, select Networking Center, then Round Tables.


Screenshot 2022-12-20 at 1.32.26 PM

5. To create a round table, select New Round


6. In the drawer that appears on the right-hand side, name your round table. Then under Link Type, choose the format of your round table.


Remember that round tables can be hosted in three ways: through a BigMarker webinar, a link to an external site or with Speed Networking.

Adding speed networking to your round tables offers quick 1:1 networking. These will be per round table, where the attendees present will be able to do lightning rounds of speed networking. If you choose to add a timer, then that will populate in the Round Tables.

If you want to structure your round table as a BigMarker webinar, select Webinar. Then, in the dropdown that appears, select the webinar you created in step one. 

If you want to host your round table on an external site, select Custom URL, then paste the external site’s URL in the text box that appears. 

If you want your attendees to be able to speed network in your round tables, select Speed Networking.

In the subsequent fields, give your round table a subtitle, customize the access button, and choose background images and colors to display within the room.