Enabling One Click Registration

Set up One Click Registration for your events to streamline the registration for attendees whose information is known prior

One-click registration works out-of-box when sending email invitations through BigMarker. To enable one-click registration when sending invites from your own email provider, include smart links that include invitees' names and email addresses in this format: https://www.bigmarker.com/bigmarker102/Test-Webinar-5342218e9decabd7e7122876?email=yourname@website.com&first_name=John&last_name=Doe

If you use our API integration you can also just only use BMID as for the identifer this format: www.bigmarker.com/{webinar_url}?bmid=xyz

To add Custom Registration Field responses to smart links, add a URL parameter using the Custom Registration Field Field ID as the name, which can be seen when editing a Custom Registration Field, e.g. www.bigmarker.com/{webinar_url}?abcd12345678=My%20Response

Watch the video below to set up one click registration for your webinars. This would get rid of the need for a registration form to be filled out by your attendees.