Display PowerPoint Presentation Notes Alongside Your Slides

Present your slide deck with confidence by displaying your PowerPoint presentation notes on screen while hosting your next live webinar or event.

Simply upload your presentation deck into BigMarker and follow the instructions below to ensure your accompanying notes are available during your presentation. 

First, you’ll need to upload your presentation to your Webinar or Event of choice. Once you’ve gotten your presentation uploaded and you’re ready to present to your audience, enter the Studio and open up your pre-loaded PowerPoint by clicking the Share Content button at the bottom of your screen, near your mic & cam button. From here, select the file you’d like to share to your audience. 

Once your PowerPoint of choice has been shared, you’ll select the icon next to Hide Navigator In the navigation menu at the bottom of your presentation,. This will allow you to open your presenter notes. 

From here, you’ll notice a pop-up window appears on the bottom left of your screen. This pop-up window contains your notes, and coincides with the slide number you are on. You can change the slide by using the arrows in the notes pop-up window, or using the arrows on your presentation screen in the Studio. Clicking forward or backward will bring up the notes associated with each slide automatically. You can also expand the pop-up window into a full screen window or tab. 

To exit out of your notes, simply close the window. 


NOTE: Currently all presenters, moderators, and admins have access to the notes section and thus will have the ability to change slides on either PowerPoint or notes during your live presentation. We highly recommend training moderators, presenters, and admins so everyone in the room is aware of their capabilities during a live session.