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Can I Maximize my Q&A?

Maximize submitted questions to display audience questions more prominently, encouraging attendees to ask and upvote questions

New as of 08/10/2022: Disable maximized Q&A from showing in recordings. 


Previously, submitted Q&A questions appeared only in the Chat Panel of the webinar room, so attendees needed to manually check the tab to ask or see questions. But now, you can maximize submitted questions so that they appear in the full screen for attendees. This displays audience questions more prominently, encouraging more attendees to ask and upvote questions and increasing engagement throughout your event.


Below is an example of how a maximized Q&A appears to attendees: 



One Q&A will display at a time. (Note: Only questions, the person who submitted it, and the number of upvotes are displayed. Answers will not be displayed.)

In this article, learn more about how to maximize Q&A questions in the webinar room. 


How to Maximize Q&A

  1. In the webinar room, click the Q&A tab. This is located in the white panel on the right-hand side of the screen. 
  2. This tab lists all submitted Q&A questions. Find the question you’d like to maximize, then select Max, as shown below. The question will appear as a full-screen pop-up for all attendees.
  3. To minimize the Q&A, select Min in the same place —or select the X button in the pop-up itself. 



Maximized Q&A will show in your event recordings. You can opt out of showing maximized Q&A in your event's settings. Under the Edit tab, in the Advanced Settings section, disable Show maximized Q&A in the Recording? This will have maximized Q&A not show in your recordings. 

Note: This feature is automatically enabled on.