Can I customize my agenda based on my event's custom registration field?

Collect information about your attendees via custom registration fields, which can be turned into a personalized Agenda so they can select the sessions that align with their form's answers and create a personalized event experience

Note: Currently, this feature is reserved only for Event Packages plan holders. If interested, please contact our Event Experts at


On your event's registration form, you can collect more information about your attendees via custom registration fields, like job function, interests, location, etc.

You can now link those custom registration fields to your agenda, so that attendees only see sessions based on their responses to those fields.  For example, if an attendee indicates that they're interested in software on their registration form, they'll only see sessions about software on the agenda. 

This provides attendees with more personalized and relevant content recommendations, while also generating valuable marketing information for hosts. Learn how to link custom registration fields to your agenda below: 

How to Enable Custom Registration Fields per Agenda Item

1. Log in to the series associated with your virtual event's agenda, then select View Landing Page
2. In the left-hand menu of this page, select Agenda settings. Scroll down to the bottom of this menu, then check off the Only show Agenda for those that use custom fields for the attached webinar.
3. In the All Access List, select the Main Series custom registration fields you'd like to use. 
4. Click Save & Exit, then return to the Manage Series dashboard. On the left-hand menu of this page, select Custom Registrations Fields tab to link your custom registration fields to specific agenda sessions.

To Link Custom Registration Fields to Custom Agenda Items 

1. The Custom Registrations Fields tab lists all of the custom registration fields that are on your event's registration form. Select Add Field to create a new Custom Registration Field (learn more here) or select Edit to make changes to an existing field.
2. From there, select the response type as Dropdown, then Custom Dropdown. You can add response options, upload a CSV file of response options or keep/delete the existing response options. 
3. Scroll down to the bottom of the settings, and check Use as a filter in agenda and schedule selector. When finished, click Save Field
4. Repeat for any custom registration fields that you'd like to link to your agenda.
5. Next, head back to the Agenda Landing Page. On the left-hand menu of this page, select Agenda tab. 

To Link Custom Registration Fields to Custom Agenda Items 

1. On the Agenda item, scroll down to the Webinar Custom: section. This section will show the title of the Custom Registration Field. For example, my custom registration field is “Where are you from?” so that section displays as “Webinar Custom: Where are you from?” 

2. Use the dropdown menu to select as many custom registration fields as desired to the Agenda item. 

Note: You must go through every agenda item and link the custom registration fields for each one.

3. Click Save when complete. 


From there, upload a CSV file of registrants or sync the list based on integrations. After this is done, your registrants will specifically see only the agenda Items that are linked to those Custom Registration Fields. 


Note: For your list to sync and display accurately, your CSV file MUST include a row for the Custom Registration Field in the CSV file. If you're using an integration, the field must be listed correctly for the data to sync to BigMarker.


With your agenda items, a Join Now button will appear so those sessions that are live can be joined from your Agenda. These will show in their own section at the top of the Choose Schedule automatically when a session is happening now. Learn how to customize the text and description here



You can have attendees join those sessions in a separate tab so when attendees/registrants click Join Now, it will redirect them to a separate tab with the occurring session. On the Agenda Item of choice, scroll down and check off  Open Join Now or Watch button in new tab.