Can I Create a Different Exit URL for My Presenters?

Use presenter-only exit URLS to redirect your speakers to an attendee-free space following the session, allowing for private discussions and debriefs

Have you ever wanted to meet privately with speakers after the webinar ends — without putting a separate meeting invite or event on their calendars? 


Now, hosts can use presenters-only exit URLs to redirect their speakers to an attendee-free space following the session. This allows hosts to redirect presenters to another webinar room, where they can privately discuss and debrief on the session, prepare for a new session and more. 

How to Create a Presenters-Only Exit URL

  1. Log in to your webinar and select the Manage Webinar tab. 
  2. Select the Edit tab, then click Advanced Settings 
  3. Scroll to the Webinar exit URL for presenters text box. Enter your preferred exit URL in the provided box (typically include a new webinar or meeting room — or the webinar room for an upcoming session)  (Note: The URL displayed below is the same as the current exit webinar URL)
  4. On the top right-hand corner of the page, click Save Changes to complete. 

Once you’ve set your presenter exit URL, and the webinar has ended, the presenters will automatically be redirected to that destination when you end the webinar.


For more information about this process, consult the following video. In the video, the presenter is being redirected to the BigMarker website.