Attendees can scan their QR codes to Connect in the Networking Center

Networking is one of the biggest draws of any event experience, hybrid, virtual or in-person. That’s why we’re making it even easier than ever to for in-person attendees to connect with one another. 

Note: This feature is only available for Virtual Events and Enterprise plan holders. Please contact our Sales team at to learn more.  

Now, in-person attendees can send connection requests to one another by scanning each other’s personalized QR codes. This simplifies the in-person connection process and motivates more people to interact with one another. 

Say that attendee Jane Doe would like to connect with attendee John Doe. Once they’ve chatted and agreed to connect, each person would pull up their mobile event app. Within the app, she would click the Scanner icon, located at the bottom right hand corner or at the top of the Networking Center section, then click Scan Other People. 

This will redirect to Jane’s camera. Here, she can scan John’s personal QR code. After scanning, John’s business card will pop up where Jane can click connect and send a connection request. Simple as that.  


The connection requests will populate in the Networking Center as a request, where John can go and accept it. After they are connected, they can enjoy our current suite of features within the Networking Center, such as chatting, viewing other’s social media platforms and more. 

If Jane forgets she is already connected to John and scans his QR code again, she will be notified that they are already connected and she can view John’s additional details from there.