Video Upload Checklist

Your BigMarker account comes with the capability to preload video content directly to your webinar.

If you run into questions while uploading video content, here are some questions to ask in order to source the issue: 


1. Is my video file in the correct format?  BigMarker requires all videos be in .mp4 format for uploading. 

2. Is my video file over 5 gigabytes?  BigMarker allows videos up to 5 gigabytes (or 5000 megabytes) to be uploaded into the preload or automation section of the webinar. Yes? Send the file through a file compressor and set the codec to h.264 setting with a lower bitrate. These size of files MUST be preloaded.

3. Is my bitrate too high? One of the most common misconceptions about rendering your video content is that the bigger the bitrate the better the video. The truth is, while it is optimal to have a higher bitrate for HD video, most of the time the extra bytes of data just take up a lot more space than they need to on your computer. Bigger files also take much longer to upload.

4. Is my video link to vimeo or another streaming website?  BigMarker currently only supports YouTube links, MP4 files, and MP4 links. 

If all else fails, do not hesitate to reach out to our support team in the chat at the bottom corner of your webpage, or shoot an email over to