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Using CyberArk SSO with BigMarker

CyberArk, a leading identity security solution, allows you to store and manage your password-based applications and systems, giving you peace of mind and keeping access secure.

Now, you can easily sync your CyberArk integration with BigMarker. This integration supports registration for Live webinars and Series Webinars. It also provides secure access for internal registrants and channel admins alike. From your CyberArk dashboard, you’ll be able to easily track individual logins and feature access, along with managing requests and downloading reports. 

The steps to integrate CyberArk are simple:

1. Log in to your CyberArk Admin Portal at the top of the left hand navigation bar.


2. In the left hand navigation bar, beneath Apps & Widgets, click Web Apps.

3. From there, click Add Web Apps.


4. Click the Custom tab, then click Add for SAML.


5. Once you’ve added the SAML app, you can then modify the settings, including updating the description, logo and name.

CA4 SAML settings 1@2x

6. After saving your SAML app modifications, click Trust, then Download Metadata File (IDP metadata file).


7. Once you’ve downloaded the Metadata file, toggle over to your BigMarker account. Click Integrations on the top navigation menu, then scroll down to CyberArk on the left hand side.


8. Upload the IDP metadata file to BigMarker Cyberark Integration and click Submit.


9. Configure the Server Provider metadata in CyberArk. Copy data from Audience URI (SP Entity ID) from your BigMarker web portal (image #1) and paste it in the Metadata URL box in the CyberArk web portal (image #2). 



10. Back on your CyberArk web portal, configure SAML Response by adding any attributes necessary for the authentication process.


11. Lastly, assign users and permissions in Cyberark. Click the Permissions menu under SAML Response, then click Add in order to search for the users to whom you’d like to give permission.