Track and Manage Unique Video View Duration on Any Custom Page

Set your custom courses up for success with this exciting update. Now, you can track on-demand video watch times down to the second to accurately measure engagement and unique views.

Initially the on-demand video reporting was counting watch duration in minutes, and we’ve optimized it to report in seconds for more in-depth data. Additionally, to eliminate error and inconsistencies in the reporting, we’ve ensured that any watch duration reporting is based on unique minutes and seconds watched

You can find your on-demand video watch duration reports in several different places in your webinar settings. The report is available to view and download in the left hand navigation menu under: Analytics & Reporting, Custom Reports, and, as seen in the below image, Manage Registrations, where you can view the reporting on an individual viewer basis. 



Simply click View beside the individual’s name on the far right hand side to see how many seconds of the video they’ve watched. 


You’ll see on the bottom of the report On-Demand View Duration showing 16 seconds. Simply refresh your screen to get the most up-to-date data. 

Along with this update, you’ll find that the amount of time between your API & integrations platforms receiving information on which attendees have earned Certificates of Completion has significantly decreased. In an instance where your audience is required to watch an on-demand video for a certain amount of time in order to qualify, this update allows you to generate that certificate much more quickly and efficiently.