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The Webinar Landing Page

The Landing Page is where your attendees will be taken before your event begins. It includes your event's details, while making it easy to register to your event.

New as of 12/15/2022: Now, customize the countdown clock by manually setting the date and time the clock will be counting down from. 

Your Landing Page is the home page for your webinar. Both attendees and hosts can access this page at any time. This will be the one location your attendees can view your webinar's details and register. 

There are three ways of accessing your webinar's landing page:

  • After creating your event: immediately after creating an event, you will choose your landing page's design. 
  • Webinar dashboard: click View Landing Page in the top right to customize the landing page. 
  • Under your webinar's setup: click Customize, which will redirect you to the Design section of your webinar. From here, you can go to your webinar's landing page. 

Watch this video to see the different ways you can reach your webinar's lading page: 



The first step in customizing your landing page is to select the design template. You have 15 design templates to choose from, and can click Preview to preview any of them. Click Select Template on the template of choice, and then Next to move towards designing your landing page. 

Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 2.06.14 PM

After selecting your landing page's template, you will be redirected to customize your landing page. 

Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 2.41.48 PM

At the top, you will see the ability to change the button color, button text color and link color. The button options will correspond to the Register and Enter Webinar buttons, while the link color will change any link's color. From there, you will have sections on the left hand side to adjust and customize the landing page. These include: 

Header This will show settings associated with the header on your landing page. It includes logo options, hiding/showing the register button, showing host login, showing "already registered?" and more. 
Language Select the language you would like your landing page in
Title Banner Change the webinar's title and text color. 
About Enter in a short summary or detailed description of webinar
Agenda Upload a CSV file of agenda topics to display on your landing page, or opt to remove this section
Recommended Add upcoming or on-demand webinars for additional viewing
Presenters Your presenters will automatically show on your landing page. You can add images, adjust their title and bio, opt to show/hide the presenter on the landing page and remove their contact information
SEO Meta Add SEO description and keywords to optimize the search-ability of your event
Custom CSS Add custom CSS into your landing page
Custom Javascript Add custom Javascript into your landing page 
Facebook Open Graph Add event details into Facebook Open Graph, which includes: logo image, title, description and Facebook pixel 
Twitter Card Add event details into Twitter Card which includes: logo image, card type, title and description
Footer Include a text at the bottom of your landing page that links to a different location. 

Toggle the settings on your landing page. These include: Displaying the number of people registered, start time of the webinar, the number of people who attended, webinar details and more.  

Note: The Landing Page is interactive, meaning you can click on any of the sections of the landing page and edit an aspect of that section.  


After adjusting your landing page, click Save in the top right corner to save your adjustments and go back to the webinar dashboard. 


Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 3.20.04 PM

After customizing your landing page, you are able to visit and change as needed. When revisiting your landing page, click Edit Page to go back to the edit view. You can also change the template or go back to the webinar dashboard. 

Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 3.29.49 PM


Below are the following capabilities and accessibility attendees and hosts can do on the webinar landing page: 


  • Register (sign up & sign in) for the webinar
  • Enter the webinar 
  • Watch the recording after the webinar
  • Contact the presenter 


  • Edit webinar details (description, agenda, title, date & time, delete etc.)
  • Add presenters, promote, invite guests, and design the webinar
  • Enter the webinar 
  • Download and watch the recording once the webinar is over
  • Post messages and announcements to the registrants and attendees



Can I hide the webinar details on my event's landing page? 

  • Yes! Under Settings, uncheck the setting Show additional info on webinar landing page. This will hide your webinar's details. 

How can I change the date and time display formats on my webinar's landing page?

  • Under Settings, scroll down until you see Date display format. Use the dropdown menu to switch between month, day and year or year, month and day. 

    Below that will be the Time display format. Use the dropdown menu to switch between a 12-hour clock (1 am or 1 pm) or a 24-hour clock (1 am or 13 pm) 

Can I set recommended webinars by webinar tag? 

  • Yes! You are able to show recommended webinars on your landing page with your webinar tags. It's an easy way to list out your recommended webinars without having to manually select them. These will show only "webinar ended" webinars and are only available on our Classic, Billboard and Countdown landing page templates. 

    Check off Recommended webinars using webinar tags, then select the number of webinars to recommended, as well as the webinar tags housing the webinars you'd want to recommended. 

Screen Shot 2022-11-11 at 12.17.59 PM


Can I adjust the Countdown Clock on my landing page? 

  • Yes! Another customization you can make is adjusting the countdown clock on the landing page to countdown from your preferred date and time. Under the Title Banner section, check off Customize countdown time to manually set the date and time you would like the clock to count down from.  

Screenshot 2022-12-15 at 10.04.46 AM