Smoothly and effortlessly streamline check-in with touchless check-in

Get your attendees into the main event in no time with our touchless check-in, streamlining check-in at your event and reducing the amount of time waiting in line.

Note: This feature is only available to our Enterprise and Event Packages plan holders. If interested, please contact our Events Experts at 


Smooth out your check-in flow on-site by giving attendees a perfect opportunity to check-in and enter your event quicker than ever. BigMarker has amped up our on-site check-in by making it touchless. This means attendees coming up to your event’s iPads, scanning their QR Code and printing their badge; it’s that simple. 

This streamlines check-in at your event, getting attendees into the main event in no time. Reduce the amount of time waiting in line by implementing this at your next event. 

Note: To learn more about setting up your event’s check-in, click here

Touchless check-in has innumerable benefits, such as: 

  • Check-in and printing event badges happen instantaneously; either through a quick scan of a QR code or searching by name and confirming with 1 click only. 
  • Improves event satisfaction by giving attendees their preferred way of checking-in to the event
  • Gives attendees the opportunity to verify or edit their event information, finalizing their details before interacting with one another 
  • Effectively reduces the wait time in lines, having attendees check-in faster than before. 

As mentioned, there are two ways that attendees can check-in touchless: either by scanning their QR code on your event’s iPad or searching for their name. After either method, attendees print their badges and get moving to the main event. If they choose, attendees can edit their registration information, like their name, photo, company and job title. 

The biggest benefit of touchless check-in is getting your attendees through the check-in line as quickly as possible. With a click or so, they can efficiently check-in and head into your event. Watch the video below to see this in live action: