Share your Keynote presentation directly from your Screen

Sharing your Keynote presentation directly from your screen allows you to focus on your presentation and eliminates worries of pre-loading your content before your event.

It's best to download the file as a PDF and upload it directly in the room as a file. Keep in mind, animations and embedded videos will not play. It is suggested to download them from your file and uploading and playing them as MP4s in the room. 

But, you can also choose to share directly from the Keynote application via Screen Share. You will need to use the screen share feature within the webinar room. This feature is only accessible to admins and presenters. Keep in mind animations and embedded videos will most likely not play successfully as the frame rate when screen sharing is slower than normal video playback. 

How to share your Keynote Presentation directly from your Screen

Note: Make sure to open the Keynote presentation on your desktop prior to sharing your screen.


1. Open your Keynote Presentation on your desktop 

2. Edit the view to prevent attendees from seeing your notes and and other layout settings. 

3. On the Keynote navigation, select View.

4. Check Slide Only. 

5. Choose Inspector and Hide Inspector. 

6. Click Enter Full Screen. 



Once you've edited the view of the presentation, just share the presentation via screen share. 

1. Click the Start Sharing Screen Button within the bottom nav of the webinar room.

2, Choose Window.

3. Select your Keynote File from your desktop and begin sharing it. 


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